Awestruck Your Creative Views With Negative Space Designs


Negative space can be defined as the space around and between the subject of an image. It may seem nothing when seen plainly, but not to the eyes of creative design artists. To them negative space can be a form of art that can blow our mind with tricky and creative designs. As you scroll down to see the illustrations, open your eyes wide and observe the fun and sneaky art of negative spaces.

Today you’re about to see a collection of creatively done negative designs made by Tang Yau Hoong. Tang is a Malaysia-based Graphic artist/illustrator who loves making negative space and illusions in his works. He specialize in conceptual, surreal and minimalist designs that you’ll love. Scroll down and be puzzled by his artworks. Come, take a peek, and be awestruck.

In Nostalgic Mood
Nostalgia space universe negative space

In Nostalgic Mood
Building city forest negative space

Beware of Those Hands
Car hands negative space

Day vs. Night
day night upside down negative space

Sky Aperture
Building black swirl negative space

Moustache black white negative space

In Flying Colours
Moustache black white negative space

The Haunting Hand
Scary hand red

Sky Invader
Sky invader building negative space design

Ernest Hemingway
Sky invader building negative space design

Erotic Literature
Sexy erotic pen literature writing

Spock in the Spork
Sexy erotic pen literature writing

Eye on the City
City eye window blinds negative space design

Little Red Riding Hood
Red riding hood negative space design

Eco friendly blue sky clouds negative space design

Found Anything Yet?
Eco friendly blue sky clouds negative space design

Found Anything Yet?
Plant piano negative space design

Feather of Life
Feather birds negative space design

Feather of Life

Lost Memory
Girl portrait smoke negative space design

Check out and his awesome works on his website. You can share what you think on Martin’s works by leaving a comment below.


Negative space is a cool art, it may trick your eyes for a moment. But as you see deeper and closer, you’ll eventually see and be amazed that there’s more than just a plane picture.

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  • Kritex Lane

    I can view a lot of images in each picture,may be I have a creative imagination.

  • Wayne Scott

    Erotic Literature looks like a sexy body of a woman.Like it!!!

  • Sanny Wilson

    I really love his talent,idealistic.

  • Shui Hu

    It’s quite amazing imagination,good job for Hoong!

  • Gloria Vellanueva

    Plain?No it’s not,it’s very stylus and a little bit tricky.

  • Poemela Crimson

    I’m glad to see this wonderful talent.Thanks for inspiring us.

  • Lisa Rambacod


  • Ethan Reyes

    Thanks,it gives me an idea for my future design.

  • Cathy Regis

    Interesting collection.

  • Eleonor Koke

    I peek for “eco-friendly”,it is simply designed but beatiful.

  • Lethan Anderson

    They are done in negative space design but they are meaningful and it’s very interesting.

  • Marilyn Gonzales

    The artist has the good attitude of being a good designer.

  • Stevien Plumer

    Moustacheville is a nice artwork but the mood for this art seem so sad.Why?