30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design


Logo serves as a representation of an organization. Often, it indicates an aspect of a company or a society. For designers, various themes can be artfully used to create a logo that mirrors an organization’s objectives and aims. Today, we bring you a unique collection of cool logos that you can look into for inspiration and new ideas. The logos have been created around one of the expression of our emotions… And that is music.

30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design is here to inspire logo designers everywhere to create more unique themed logo. Be inspired as you browse through this amazing collection and who knows? This may help you create the next big thing!!!

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Music Inspired Logo Designs


jazz artists of charleston

piano forest

jazz castle

traq addicct productions entertainment




musical store

strategic music

dj darwin

harmony music

wiesinger music

piano logo music

mann music

infinite records


indie artist station logo



my eurovision 2008 logo

devil's music

m-artm music production


foxy beats



la5 logo

hot note

kdigital music directory


  • http://SARAH.HELPTOSERVE.INFO Sarah William

    Great stuff!! Awesome inspiration! good job …. keep it up

  • Suhela

    Great collection of logos!!! very inspirational…

  • angela

    some of these are really great and clever!

    i’m just trying to figure out “Mart Music.” why is part of the “A” black??? actually, why is any of “Mart” in black?

  • Stacy

    Great collection!”Mart Music” and “Devil’s Music” are especially clever. Thank you for sharing.


    Really nice collection my friend!

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  • aurel

    this is the best logo collection i seen in a long time, i like the 2nd and the muz-town

    the ‘piano forest’ really clever (it took me 2nd look to note they were trees AND piano keys)

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  • Gaga

    i like your collections :)

  • Prakash ghodke

    nice logos…

  • Oles

    Wiesinger music and strategic music the best

  • Smashing Buzz

    beautiful logo inspirations.

  • Shiva

    I never realized piano keys DO look like a forest!

  • inked54

    Great graphics…. really hits a high note for creativity!

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  • Justin Cron

    Very cool logos! Thanks for taking the time to find all these and share them with us.

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  • Pedro Revette

    Great, simplicity

  • Neosbrand

    Nice logos!

  • NK

    nice! this is great for inspirations!

  • Margaret

    Awesome collection. My favorites would have to be HEARTBEATS and Wisienger Piano Service…simple and cool.

  • Reinette

    awesome! thanks. My fav is Sound Dog :-)

  • Designer

    Logos play an important role for the promotion of the company or label.
    Excellent logo designs. I loved the “Live after five” one.

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  • jack

    hi nice logos

  • Claus M

    This logo collection has served as fine inspiration for me while working on my own logo design. As with all artforms it’s the details that makes the difference and in connection with my own work it helped me a great deal to study the balance between simplicity, accuracy, richness and integration in all these little artworks.

  • Jason

    Currently designing a logo for my clients music room, and these have been a great help with some clever and sophisticated ideas. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Pixeljuice

    These are so cool! Its interesting that there is alot from the red end of the spectrum in this collection, I will have to remember that if I do a logo related to music, it seems to work very well.

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  • sandeepan

    All along simplicity is the key

  • iqbal sonu

    i love music , music is my life