Time and again, we feature collections of different logo designs for our readers to discover. This is in hopes of helping them, designers or not, to get some inspiration for their projects or think of some ideas they can apply for their own designs. Today it is still up and running to give you continuous dose of inspiration that you need.

Here we have a long list of different Banana Logo Designs that you can see and find below. These were created by various creative designers from around the world and were kind enough to show us some of their brilliant works. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Royal Naners

banana logo designs

Banana Bird

banana bird logo

The Banana Stand

banana stand logo

Banana Ninja

banana ninja logo

Banana Tour

banana tour logo

Banana Squid

banana squid logo

Banana Split

banana split logo

The Banana

banana logo design

Watercolor proposal

banana films logo

Daily Banana

daily banana logo


banana logo design

Banana Fish

banana fish logo


bananaz logo design


banana records logo

In The Banana Stand

banana stand logo

Bananarific Skateboards

bananarific skateboards logo

Curious George Banana Stand

curious banana stand logo


platanus banana logo


banana funny logo

Banana media

banana media logo

Banana Grabbers Hockey

banan hockey logo

Banana Skins

banana skins logo


conaban banana logo

Y Foods

y foods banana logo


banana zoo logo


tostaditos banana logo


banana logo design

Blue Banana

blue banana logo

Bananafish Films

bananafish films logo

Banana summit

banana-summit logo

Juicy Bananas

juicy bananas logo


bananamikaze logo design

Banana for Scale

banana scale logo

Banana feed

banana feed logo

Banana Bird

banana bird logos

Choco Bananas

banana choco logo

Banana Company

banana company logo


banananoise logo design


brandanas logo design


chocobananas logo design

Mickey Javier

About the author: He is a registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. He likes designing and photography that's why he takes photos during his wee hours. He's also into motorbikes and breeding Bullmastiffs and St. Bernards.