30+ Inspiring Website Navigation Menus


For surfers, website navigation menu plays a crucial part in making the web experience fun and, of course, easy… It actually influences the viewer’s preference for a particular website if he enjoyed surfing through and browsing the site or blog. Thus, presentation of the item becomes a critical point and should not be taken lightly.

In today’s post, we have come up with several awe-inspiring and cool website navigation samples that you may want to check out. Sit back and let this 30+ Website Navigation Menus inspire you and let the ideas get you… Be inspired in this collection..

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Website Navigation Menus

Pirata London

pirata london

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Ryan Keiser

ryan keiser

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Keva Damson

keva damson

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Colazi One Damichy

colazi one damichy

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Carbon Made

carbon made

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Red Velvet Art

red velvetart

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Carson Ified

carson ified

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Billy Tamplin

billy tamplin

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Think Orange

think orange

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TN Vacation

tn vacation

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Ultimate Strapless

ultimate strapless

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David Hellmann

david hellmann

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Michael Coyle

michael coyle

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Sushi and Robots

sushi and robots

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Navigant Consulting

navigant consulting

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Matt Dempsey

matt dempsey

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Blogger Bake Off

blogger bake off

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Type Jockeys

type jockeys

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NJ Web Design

nj web design

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Gary Nock

gary nock

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Utah Travel

utah travel

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Delete London

delete london

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The Things We Make

the things we make

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Mission Bicycle

mission bicycle

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Southern Media

southern media

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Show and Tell Sale

show and tell sale

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Two 24 Studios

two 24 studios

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  • Justin rex

    Well done marvi..another great article and great collection of menus..


  • shane

    very useful list and it’s a inspiring article also fun to read! thanks dude

  • Gema

    Some great example to inspire my creativity..appealing and attractive.

    many thanks ! :)

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  • kall3

    Good collection!
    Some of my works have a good menu (I hope!)

    you like it?

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  • perth web

    navigation doesn’t have to be dull as proven in your article, nice work!

  • Ignatius Mario

    i very like the mission bicycle.

    Nice post Marvi.. thank you.

  • Angad Sodhi

    Nice post! I liked NJ Web Designs the most!

  • rod rodriguez

    this is a great source of inspiration for web site navigation design. thank you for this brilliant compilation. I’m very interested with those nav menus that have key board shortcuts, what will they think of next… cheers.

  • Harvy

    These are good.

  • Rodrigo Breck

    forgot this one:

  • e11world

    I love Pirata London the most. The whole site is unique!

  • Jae Xavier

    Matt Dempsey’s is really nice.

  • Amair

    Very nice navi’s to go with some good designs. All I need now is for some of my clients to break from the norm when it comes to design.

  • Rafael Ramos

    good post!

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    Great post!
    Today, most of websites needs to catch up user’s attention really quick, navigation helps a lot!

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