30+ Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You


With the various uses that a business card offers, it is also necessary that the card should be presentable in terms of its physical design and style… As a follow-up to our post on business card designs, today we bring you a new compilation that will surely add to your list of favorites.

This list of 30+ Business Card Designs is another collection of the newest and coolest business card circulated in the web today. Check out these items and be inspired to start a new set of business card design!!!

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Creative Examples of Round Die Cut Business Cards

Business Card Designs

uncle pear  business card

monsieur business card

creative business card

new durocast business card

new business card

sketchy business card

cool business card

order business card

the water business card

snowcat press business card

zenith business card

sidebar business card

new cool business card

letter press business card

graphic farmer business card

awesome business card

media business card

amazing business card

nice business card

brave whale business card

new awesome business card

beautiful business card

pretty cool business card

ice drink business card

personal business card

pretty awesome business card

great business card

new great business card

new beautiful business card

new pretty cool business card

new nice business card

Which of these business card designs you like the most? Feel free to leave your feedbacks on the comment section.

  • Jimae

    the star blade business cards are so wow.

  • Freelance Web Design

    I wonder if you can fit the Star Blade one in your wallet? My fav is the ice drink! Awesome list!

  • salman

    Thanks, perfect cards

  • Margaret

    These are all so awesome. Cool techniques, layouts and die-cuts. Definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard

    Very nice designs….I will be putting a link in my twitter. Thanks

  • Renaldo Creative

    Thanks for this post. Awesome business cards.

  • RealityVisionMedia

    I see my business card! RealityVisionMedia! Thank you very much for the posting my card as an example :D

  • Farish

    all cards are one or either way…awsome…!!!

  • Katie Al-adawy

    so creative !

  • Ronald Bien

    glad you like this inspiration post friendships!!! =)

    @RealityVisionMedia – Your card looks neat ;) Worth to be included. and others as well :)

  • Definitive Medical Website Design

    These are some great new business card designs. The Ice Drink is super creative in my opinion! The throwing stars are cool too. It would be even better if they were real throwing stars. Then you could just throw them at people and not have to worry about them putting the card in their pocket.

  • Igor Ivankovic

    I love Paul and Ferdi ones. It’s my comic side I guess! Bravo!!!

  • Exionyte

    Wow some really well designed business cards here! Thanks

  • ?????? ??????

    Amazing cards! More than inspiring :)

  • Charlie

    Love the Jenny Clis concept artist one, really nice design and instantly shows the person receiving it what she can do. Great stuff :D

  • Vlad Carp

    wow…the first one it’s really killing me…but all of thesee are really nice

  • Pusparaj

    Sorry, I couldn’t say wow…

  • Cardview

    Great business card inspiration! Thanks!

  • LukeSF

    All are great in this or that way…
    Loved one by Pracovnia Typograficzna… Stylish and catchy, but it must cost a hell of money to have it printed and done…

  • alpaproductions

    Many of which I’ve never seen before. Great post!

  • anishell

    I really like Jenny’s concept art card. It really stands out. The ice glass card is very creative and so are the ninja stars

  • Liquidink

    My fave is B. Smith Colour Consultant – clear message, clean design – Simplicity!

  • Web Design Tipperary

    I love the Blue Whale design. Very clean

  • Leah Oripaypay

    love this site and this particular entry. the one with de monsters and the sidebar creative are crazy! Love them most. Very creative indeed.

  • Sandy

    The pracownia typographiczna looks so great.I love letter-pressed business cards. They look absolutely elegant.

  • sanjiv

    eyes n size matters in advertising,all are good some are wow.i liked duro cast

  • Abhimanyu

    Yeah, okay they are good to look at. But, I would prefer to love rectangular ones as they wont be ruined when kept in pockets. Dont you think? eh?

  • Umberto

    Awesome collection! thanks for the inspiration :D