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Here is a High Quality Free Brushes for Photoshop that I made for Naldz Graphics Readers. These are Splatter Paint Brushes. It contains of 7 High Quality Brushes which you can use where ever you want. This was made in Photoshop CS4. I would really appreciate if you consider to give a link back from this post if you used it or share it with others.


Dont know how to upload the brush??Check out  How To Load Brush in Photoshop.

  • Elton

    cool brushes. gonna download it.thanks for the share

  • April

    Thanks for sharing. These are nice :)

  • Johnson Koh

    Nice one Ronald!

  • Ronald

    Thanks Guys:)There gonna be lots of free brushes in the future:)

  • BLogicThink [dot] com

    i subscribe your feed via email yesterday…
    and now start to download a lot of cool photoshop stuff from you :)
    thanks for sharing this..

  • yo

    they’ll be really useful. hope the brush helps to promote your blog.

  • Geane

    how sweet.i like it.thanks for the free brushes

  • Liora

    These are one of the best splatter brushes I have downloaded. That is saying much, because usually they are not interesting or the edges aren’t clean or they are so small that you can’t do much with them. Thanks!

  • lol

    Cool brushes.Thx for the share.

  • Nice

    Very Nice Brushes

  • vinzy

    awesome brushes.thanks!

  • Janet F
  • Sin

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing :)

  • teffy

    where do you click to download?

  • Kiki

    I cant download it :( i realy like the thumbnail on some site that linked me here, but i cant use it :(

  • Ronald

    Thanks glad you like it:)

    @ Kiki

    I can download the Brushes. have you try click on “Download Now”?

  • ProjectCenter

    I almost feel like I am stealing. Thanks for the brushes.

    ProjectCenters last blog post..Importance Of Having A Logo Designed By A Professional

  • Kiki

    i must be very dumb :( cant see any download button anywhere on the page, i’ve looked over and over again but still nothing.

    Do i have to register or subscribe?

  • Ronald


    hmm.thats weird.ok please click on the image so you can download the brushes=)

  • http://URL(Optional) Rave




  • http://URL(Optional) Raybees

    For some reason it’s acting like an image.
    I’ve download brushes before, I put it into the brush folder and everything, but that doesn’t do any good when it keeps acting like an image file. I only get an icon and the only option I have is to open it in CS4, but then I can’t because it’s not the right file type. I’m so confused as to why this is happening.

  • Uta

    These brushes r awesome. :3 Thx for the hard work, dude. Keep it up.

  • http://yahoo hari

    very nice brushes

  • English Dubbed Anime

    Sweet as! I’m a huge fan of Splatter brushes, so thanks man.

  • Kuko

    Thanks!, ill make a design for a arcade stick for street fighter 4, thanks for share ! :D

  • AprilNguyen

    Thank you very much :)

  • toplu sms

    thanks for sharing (:

  • JC

    Thanks for these, they are great. You can never have too many splatter brushes.

    I featured them on my blog @

  • Mohiddeen

    thanq dude it’s very nice

  • naohgi

    It’s very cool!


  • suresh

    very useful brushes!


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  • Saudi Jobs

    Thanks for sharing a good photoshop brushes

  • Celidah

    Hey, thanks for these! I’m looking forward to incorporating them into a piece!

  • ooty

    The brush looks cool

  • lulu

    too outstandingly, Thanks

  • frank

    I’ve try ur brushes and its very nice keep on doing that thanx

  • Sam

    Thank you, these are killer!

  • kholis kun

    nice brush… thanks

  • Algo

    Great stuff you’ve got Naldz, thanks a lot for sharing…

  • mima

    Thanks for the share… I am designing a t-shirt for kids at a Deaf Summer Camp in Hungary… thought I’d like to try these!

  • Balazino


  • Ryuta

    How to Put it in the Photoshop Folder?.. Should I extract it?

  • Rolley

    How about Photoshop CS5, it is can in use? or just for photoshop CS4?