44 Must Have Free Social Media Icon Packs


Social media are media for social interaction, that uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Today, with the fast-growing internet techology, more people are logging into various social-networking sites to share thoughts and ideas with other people all-over the globe. Due to this popularity, website owners have found ways to link popular social-media to their sites as an additional feature to allow their viewers to connect and share directly to their most visited social-networks.

Here, a compliation of cool icons connected to the some of the most-popular social sites out there. Take a look at these 44 Free Social Media Icons and feel free to download the icons that you like and the icons to which you can use. Get a load of these fantastic icons right into your desktop and utilize it to your websites or blog… Enjoy!!!

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Free Social Media Icon Packs

Social Media Bubbles: Icon Pack

social media bubbles

The pack include 8 icons for some of the most popular social media/networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUponin the web.

Download Source

SocialClean- Free Social Network Icons

socialclean free social

The set covers 12 icons delivered as PNGs in 4 different sizes: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48 and 128×128 tjat presents various social networks like Digg, Delicious and Facebook.
Download Source

Free Social Media Icon Set

media icon set

The package includes 42 64×64 icons in both PNG and PSD form that you can use however you like.
Download Source

Freestyle and Square, Two Free Social Media Icon Sets

two free social

The icon sets contain 28 icons that cover all of the major social media services and applications in .PNG format and comes in three sizes: 24x24px, 48x48px and 60x60px.
Download Source

Freebies Released: Yammy Social Media Icons Set

yammy social media

In this set, various popular social media icons, available in two different sizes – 64 x 64px and 128 x 128px is given.
Download Source

PC Social Media Icons

pc social media

Here is a free social media icon set which comes with 10 icons.
Download Source

DarkSocial: A Free and High-Quality Social Media Icon Set

quality social media

This free icon set, brings you 10 high quality social media icons: Blogger, Digg, Yelp, Picasa, MySpace, Yahoo! and many more where each icon comes in 4 sizes (512px, 256px ,128px and 64px) in PNG format.
Download Source

Free Icon Pack: Vector 3D Social Icons

vector 3d social

The icon pack includes vector source files (AI) of each icon for easy editing and scaling to all users with no loss in quality. It also comes with PNG files with sizes at 256x256px.
Download Source

Neon Social Media Buttons

Neon Social Media

Based on “Slash & Flash” Buttons of Eric Fortier. The set composed of 18 social media icons to download for free.
Download Source

Free and Exclusive Icons: Brown Social Icon Pack

brown social icon

You will find 12 glossy polished icons in different size variations: 32x32px, 64x64px and 128x128px for maximum flexibility. The icons are available in .PNG format.
Download Source

Social Trucks Icons

social trucks icons

The set includes 10 colorful, spacious and unstoppable social trucks at a whopping 512×512 px resolution that are ready to download.
Download Source

12 Creative Wooden Social Networking Icons

wooden social networking

This icon pack includes 12 creative and professional social networking icons in wood style and in four different sizes: 16px, 32px, 64px and 256px.
Download Source

Social Media Icons – Volume 2

Social Media Icons Volume

The set includes .png and .zip filetype and 18 icons.
Download Source

“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

buddycons vector social

Here is an icon set that includes 126 vector social media icons with PNG versions of all icons in both circular and rounded variations as well as a vector source file for easy resizing.
Download Source

Picasso: A Free Social Media Icon Set

picasso media icon

In this set, several icons for social media with sizes ranging from 512px to 16px.
Download Source

Free Grass Textured Social Bookmarking Icon Set

grass textured social bookmarking

The icons are packaged with 3 different sizes: 256px, 128px and 64px.
Download Source

Latte Art Social Icons

latte art social icons

Four social icons for Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon and Twitter available in sizes of 128×128, 64×64 and 48×48 PNGs are available in thsi set.
Download Source

28 Social Media Icon Badges

Social Media Icon Badges

Here is a fun set of 28 social media icons done in a hand stitched vintage badge style that includes Bing, Blogger, Delicious, Designer Float, deviantART, Digg, Facebook, Feedburner and many more.
Download Source

Social Media Circles Icon Set

social media circles

The set includes 1 zip file containing 222 png icons in sizes of 32×32, 64×64, 128×128 and 2 styles.
Download Source

Social Media Bubblicons: Icon Pack

social media bubblicons

Here is a free set of social media icons which includes Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon. The icons has dimensions of 48×48px in PNG format.
Download Source

Social MEdia Icons

social media icons

The set contains 10 social media icons in Psd and .Png files in 64×64 & 128×128 sizes.
Download Source

Bulb Social Media Iconsk

Social Media Icons

In this set, 9 icons are included.
Download Source

More Social Media Balloons

social media balloons

Sixty-four (64) icons is included in this set with different sizes (from 32px to 128px) and are in 32-bit transparent PNG format.
Download Source

Furry Cushions Social Icons

furry cushions social icons

The set includes several icons, available in 4 sizes: 256px, 128px, 64px and 48px.
Download Source

Free Robotic Social Media Icons Set Released

robotic social media icons

In this set, various popular social media icons is included and are available in three different resolutions – 64 x 64px, 96 x 96px, and 128 x 128px.
Download Source

Derelict-Free Social Media Icons

grunge social media

Here are several social media icons in 256 x 256 px and 64 x 64 px sizes.
Download Source

Isometrica (Volume 1): A Free Social Media Icon Set

isometrica volume

There are 18 “normal” sized icons at an overweight 105x67px (.PNG) included in this set.
Download Source

Orb Social Media: Icon Pack

orb social media icon

Thirty-two (32) icons are included in this set with a size of 256x256px in PNG file format
Download Source

Green Thumb: A Free Social Media Icon Set

green thumb

Here is a set of several socila media icons. The icons are available in four sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32 pixels.
Download Source

17 Free Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons two

This set contains 17 free social media icons in 16×16 and 32×32 sizes and in both transparent PNG and GIF.
Download Source

“SocialShift” Icon Set: 246 Free Social Networking Icons

socialshift icon

In this icon set, a total of 246 social networking/media icons in PNG versions is included and are ready to download.
Download Source

Blacksmith – 14 exclusive free Social Network / Media icons

blacksmith social media

Here are 14 social media icons where the download comes in .PNG and fully layered .PSD formats.
Download Source

inFocus Ad
Simple Glossy Silver Social Media Icons

(glossy silver social media icons

The set includes 154 social media icons for popular social media sites.
Download Source

Freebie: Social Media And Blogging Icon Set

blogging icon set

The icons included in this set comes in 32x32px, grouped in PSD files for easy editing. The zip file contains all 65 icon in 32×32 transparent PNG format.
Download Source

Social media icons

free social media

The set includes several social media icons.
Download Source

Jive: 10 Social Media Icons

jive social media

Here is a set of 10 social media icons which represent various cartoon illustrations.
Download Source

OLED social icons

OLED social icons

The icons included here is in 16x16px OLED display.
Download Source

Red Blops Social Media Icons

Red Blops Social Media

This set contains 15 different icons for social media websites
Download Source

Social Media Sleek Icons: Icon Pack

sleek icons icon

The icons in this set comes in 2 sizes: 32×32px and 16×16px for Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Digg.
Download Source

Burnt Wood: A Social Media Icon Set

burnt wood

The pack contains 12 icons for some of the popular social sharing sites in 420x420px PNG file that can be scaled down to any size needed.
Download Source

High detail social icons

high detail social icons

Here are several free high detailed icons for social media.
Download Source

Social Media Discs

social media discs

This set contains 11 social media icons in 4 sizes: 256 x 256, 128 x 128, 64 x 64 and 48 x 48.
Download Source

1,540 inFocus Simple White Social Media Icons – Sidebar Edition

white sidebar social media icons

Several icons for social media is included in this package.
Download Source

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons art

Seventeen (17) high-resoultion social media icons are included in this set
Download Source

Using attractive Social Media Icons can help drive more traffic to a website or blog in a way that visitors can share the content if they like. But, of course, make sure that your content has a quality so it’s worth the share. So which of these free icons are your favorite??? have you tried using a social media icons before??? Feel free to leave your comment below…

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