Have you ever stared on something simple and lifeless, and started imagining it having a mind of its own and doing whatever it wants to do? Because what we have for you today is just as imaginative and fun!

Both a photographer and animator, ErAn Croitoru has been working his creativity and skills in creating commercials, movies and TV shows. One of his cool projects called Animated Photography, showcases a series of humorous photos where he illustrate daily objects infused with emotions and actions as if they have a life of their own. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek and enjoy!

Food Fight!
fruit fight eran croitoru
Fruit Ninja just got for real! Whichever fruit wins, there will be a salad for sure.

Cameras On Vacation
cameras vacation croitoru
Fruit Ninja just got for real! Whichever fruit wins, there will be a salad for sure.Selfies of different people are everywhere. But today, these cameras are the ones that will shine – on their vacation.

Candle’s Birthday
candle birthday animated photography
Candles have been created in a one specific day too you know.

Save The King!
chess animated photography
This epic battle of two armies in a checkered battlefield is intense.

Break Free
free croitoru animated photography
Here is a lovely transmission tower breaking free from its ties and rejoicing.

Watch Out!
hammer croitoru photography
Did you ever have a morning when you wanted to smash your noisy alarm? Poor alarm clock.

snail animated photography
This picture is about a snail that wanted to change its life and explore the world.

The Attack on Nail City
naily city croitoru
Here is a beautiful city of nails that is terrorized by their nemesis – The Hammer.

coffee photography croitoru
This is a cute depiction of kids (cups) asking coffee (mostly anything they want) to their parent (coffee pot).

The End
candle eran croitoru
This is a sad scene of 2 candles “crying” for their buddy whose flames already ran out.

buildings eran croitoru
These skyscrapers are tangled to each other like wild vines in the middle of the city.

I Think It’s Number 2…
sweet potato croitoru
Almost a pear but not quite. Nice try.

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