30+ Free High Quality Gadget PSD Files


Nowadays that most designers uses Photoshop, tons of free PSD files are available all over the web. It’s up to you where to find and get the best quality of PSD to download. In related to this, we’ve decided to compile a collection of Photoshop Documents for your future use. Of course since every designers have different needs and interest, we will categorize it to make things easier to browse and select.

For our first ever PSD resource collection, 30+ Free High Quality Handy Gadget PSD Files are showcased below for designers who are looking for PSD files that can be utilized for their designs. These resources are themed around the most high-tech gadgets offered by technology in our society today. Just in case you have a project that need some gadget related to be include, these will be a great add-on to your future images and design. Since it’s a PSD file, you can change and manipulate everything until you’re satisfied.

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Free Gadget PSD Files

Apple iPad: Fully editable PSD

Apple iPad PSD
Download Source

iPod Nano PSD

ipod nano psd
Download Source

Microsoft ZUNE PSD

microsoft zune psd
Download Source

Full Layered MacBook Air & MacBook Pro

macbook psd
Download Source

Nokia 3500c

nokia 3500c psd
Download Source


smart phone psd
Download Source

XBOX 360

xbox psd
Download Source

Nexus One by Google .PSD

google psd
Download Source

Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse PSD

Zune 30GB

zune phone psd
Download Source

Phone: DC-660i

phone dc psd
Download Source

iPod shuffle

ipod shuffle psd

Motorola Droid .PSD

motorola psd
Download Source

iPhone 3G PSD

iphone 3g psd

PSP psd template

psd template
Download Source


iMac psd
Download Source

iPod nano 5G – 9 free .PSDs

ipod nano psd
Download Source

Sony PSP psd

sony psp psd
Download Source

iPhone 3G PSD

3g iphone psd
Download Source

Abstract Audio Player

audio player psd
Download Source

Htc Dream

tmobile psd
Download Source

Nintendo DS Lite psd template

nintendo psd
Download Source

iPod Shuffle with PSD

shuffle ipod psd
Download Source

iPod Classic

ipod classic psd
Download Source

NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic DS PSD

nokia xpress music psd
Download Source

iPad PSD

new ipad psd
Download Source

RIM Blackberry PSD

blackberry psd
Download Source

Headphones: The .PSD

headphone psd
Download Source

Zune HD .PSD

zune hd psd

Download Source

iPhone in PSD format

iphone in psd
Download Source


playstation psd
Download Source

Airport Express

airport express psd
Download Source

Which of these PSD files you like the most? What other kind of PSD files you want to see in here? Post your Comments and Suggestion below. More collection of PSD files and useful resources will be posted here so make sure to come back more often.

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