A business card is a useful tool that includes business and sometimes personal information such as name, contact number, address, etc. of an individual, a company, or other business establishments. It is shared to various people and its main purpose is to serve as an introduction to the population and be a memory refresher in order to remind people of your business and services, and make them familiar to whatever the card represents.

For that very purpose, in order to maximize its effectiveness of the business card, it must have a remarkable, attention-grabbing factor in order to make an impression to the people. To achieve this, the business card must have a rather unique and impressive design to which will result to a different look that will stand out from the rest. One of the things you can do is have a wooden business card. It has some handy features that can make your card more distinct. Aside from being unique or unusual by itself, most wooden business cards are durable, meaning it can last longer in the pockets or wallets of a person compared to the usual paper business cards that can easily be torn, folded and damaged. So you see there are many things you can create with these usable wood materials. It’s just a matter of a playful imagination and creativity that will do the magic.

For our next article, we share to you A Collection of Creative Wooden Business Cards. Have time to check out the different inventive designs used in the various business cards featured in this post. Come, take a peek, and have hun!

BDH Millwork

Stamp wood
An economic and resourceful business card made from leftover woods for cabinets and used stamp for the design

Cinch Creative

Owl white wood
A white wood grain designed business card with a cute owl as its design subject


Chair seat wood
A clever business card design that can be folded and form a chair

Faith Langhans

Scissor salon hair hairstyle wood
A black wood designed business card good for salon and hairstyling


Comics comical laser
A laser engraved wood business card with a fun comical design

Wooden Business Cards

Beautiful wood
A beautiful wood color designed with cut-out mascot and engraved information

Pearl Lee Q

Barbecue bbq brown wood
A nice wood designed business card with black color printing

Chinese Wooden Business Card

Chinese wood
A wooden business card designed with an impressive Chinese language

Magdalena Aron

Cut out wood
A nicely cut-out wooden business card that is sure to leave an impression

Petri Hurme

Cool wood
A nice wooden design business card with the use of a laser technology

Beer Table In Brooklyn

Beer table wood
A nice square-shaped wooden business card with its logo cut-out to show a good color combination

Print and Grain

Print wood
A nice colored wooden business card designed back to back


Pattern color wood
A cute wooden business card with different colors and patterns

Thibaut Malet

Handmade wood
Examples of nice handmade design business cards

Laser Creative

Laser cut wood
A complex and impressive cut-out design which is achieved through laser cutting

Wooden business card Template

Company wood
A nice and professional looking wooden business card

James Schneider

White print designer wood
A cool b-card design with white paint printing of different person great for designers

Amber Weske

Laser burn wood
A stunning b-card design with laser printing and a burned-wood effect on the borders


Elegant wood
A stylish wood color with a gold printing showing an elegant design

Wood Business Cards – Birch

Real estate company wood
A business card made for a real estate company

Church Business Card

Church cork board wood
A round cornered design business card with a touch typography

Nissiwood Veneers

Tree wood
A clean and professional business card with the logo of the company laser cut

Brent Clowater

Handmade pen wood
A lovely business card design with a pen and hand

Laser Etched Wooden Card

Clean wood
A clean yet effective example of wood business card


Butterfly laser wood
A laser etched wood business card design

Wooden Business Card

Etched wood
A marine plywood creatively etched and wolah!

Furniture Business Card

Brass shiny wood
A great wooden business card enhanced with a shiny brass

Fat Cow

Simple cow wood
This business card design implies simplicity and direct-to-the-point advertising

Northern Fable

Laser etched wood
This business card has rough linings and has its designs laser etched

Fat Cow Branding & Identity

Restaurant wood
An example of a wooden business card for a restaurant

Have something in mind related to web design and freelancing? Let us know and maybe we’ll feature it on our next post. All your comments and opinions are appreciated. Let us hear em up in the comment box. Thank you and see you again mate!

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


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