As time went by, You’ve seen various collections and styles of illustrations since our Naldzgraphic’s early days. We have witnessed some of the most creative, detailed, and magnificent artworks made by talented artists. Today, we will be showcasing yet another charming style of illustration that you’ll love.

Interested in cats and dreamy-effect artworks? Apparently, Rihards Donskis, Also known as Apofiss, loves both. In this post we have gathered exquisite artwork illustrations that will give your eyes a nice treat. Scroll down and enjoy some of his nifty and cool works. Come, take a peek, and be mesmerized.

yang aura
White cat apoffis illustration

little grumpy things
Grumpy cat illustration

bad hair day
White owl artwork

Little Sparrow
Blue grumpy sparrow bird

polar owl
Cute white owl

aqua panda
Panda bubble cute wet artwork

Cute cat yellow bonnet

watermelon dino
Watermelon dinosaur green cute

mini trip
Cute dinosaur watermelon

banana dino
Banana dinosaur yellow paint tool sai

autumn dino
Leaf orange autumn dinosaur

pumpkin dino
Pumpkin orange dinosaur

snow dino
Blue snow cute dinosaur

stego dino
Orange dinosaur cute

mini dino
Green plant dinosaur

lovu dino
Blue dinosaur paint tool sai

crystal dino
Crystal blue dinosaur

chameleon bunny
Watermelon bubble cute rat

kohaku koi fishu
Koi fish beautiful artwork

burrowing owl
Brown owl cute illustration

sushi stalker
Cat teary eyes illustration

little guardian
Baby owl brown cute bubble

autumn bloom
Beautiful cat bubble

yes maybe no
Beautiful cat posing

first days
Curious cat cool illustration

wide awake
Black cat prowl

thank you pie
Cake pie yummy

swan pleados
White swan nice

Baby panda bubble

daily hunt
Black cat swimming

clown fish
Clown fish bubble

Pumpkin black cat

Cheetah cub cute

yang sun
Beautiful white cat elegant

little red yin
Red riding hood cat black

unconditional act
Sad cute panda

ellie moment
Girl poor

Kristen stewart illustration

Beautiful girl portrait illustration digital art

Check out Rihards Donskis on Facebook or check his awesome works on his Gallery. You can share what you think on Martin’s works by leaving a comment below.


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Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.