When the usage of computers and the internet had been the trend, there are various new things that came, making almost everything easier. The advancement of technology even made one’s creativity wilder and wider. The emergence of digital painting made the art industry more flourishing. Digital paintings are computer generated art by using techniques directly from it through sharp mimics of watercolour effects, charcoal drawing and many others. Digital painting is used in production art for conceptual design in films, television and video games. It is done in different software like Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, ArtRage, GIMP, Krita, openCanvas and others.

Digital painting comes in various types like realism, water color and impressionism. It gives artists the advantage of easier work. But aside from that, there are still other reasons why many people are crazy over learning and doing digital paintings. Although, there are also some drawbacks of digital painting but still many designers use it for it is one manner of expressing creativity in various ways. Here are some reasons why digital painting is a big hit.

1. Lesser investment.

Lesser investment
Image: Dark Spider

In creating digital paintings, one will do away with purchasing various items and materials needed for making an art work. You only need a stylus and a tablet in order to start creating one. Although, you can actually make your first sketches on paper, but when you have decided to make the work, you can conveniently do it in your tablet.

2. Can create work variations.

Can create work variations
Image: Artgerm

While working, you can save your work in every step and you can do different outputs with just one artwork. This is possible by saving a part of it and then going back to it. Then, you can do a different touch to your work. There are various painting techniques you can choose from on what you can do with your artwork. This way, you can surely get the result that you really wanted.

3. Mistakes are easily fixed.

Mistakes are easily fixed
Image: Blackeri

Unlike working on a paper, you would need to start all over again when you commit a mistake. But with digital painting, you do not need to do that. You can just ‘undo’ what you have done wrong and apply what is more suitable. You might even quit working in traditional painting if you have done a big mistake. But with digital art, you can even check the history for the actions you did while working.

4. Allows easier modification.

Allows easier modification
Image: Jad Ardat

You can also have the advantage of easily modifying shapes, colors, lines, gradients, and many others. Since you will be working with software, it would be easy to add some modifications. Whatever it is that you use to create digital paintings; you can still get the same advantage.

5. Outputs are closer to reality.

Outputs are closer to reality
Image: Dark Spider

You can also observe that digital painting results look real. One could easily determine what it is for it can be matched to what we can see in the real world. For online games, websites and others, this would indeed be effective in engaging the target audience. Having the feeling that things they see are real would encourage them to be part of it or to respond to whatever your purpose is.

6. Easier to use online.

Easier to use online

When you draw something on paper and wanted it to be published online, you still have to scan it and do some editing on it. The work is doubled. But with digital painting, you work in a tablet and you can immediately use it online whenever you want to even if you do not have a scanner. It is more convenient and time saving.

7. Looks more attractive.

Looks more attractive
Image: Pumpkiiin

No doubt, digital paintings are more attractive and appealing. They look sharp and more detailed. It can certainly bring your design to the higher level. Everyone is pleased in seeing digital paintings for they look gorgeous and truly pleasing to the eyes. It can even make a design look a lot better.

8. Gives clearer messages.

Gives clearer messages
Image: Artgerm

Since digital paintings are closer to reality, it is a good tool for effective communication. The message that one wants to convey to the users are much clearer. It can help avoid misinterpretations on the images that you use. One can also easily recognize the image, thus, letting him know in an instant what you want to say.

9. Looks more professional.

Looks more professional
Image: Hideyoshi Ruwwe

In digital painting, one can achieve realism and translucency. It makes the images look more professional especially if it is nicely and expertly done. This can add a great impact to your work. It would even be easier to get the trust and confidence of the users if you make use of digital art.

10. Can be used in different mediums.

Can be used in different mediums
Image: Archann

When you use digital paintings, it can be used in various purposes you want. It can be printed small and huge. You can easily adjust its size so it will be suited to whatever medium you will use it. You can use it online for your website and even on a greeting card, a business card and others. The versatility of digital painting is one reason why many artists make use of it.

It’s Your Turn Now

Are you a big fan of digital paintings? Have you tried making one? What were the advantages while you were making one? Would you like to share your work to us? There are indeed so many astonishing digital paintings that we can find on the web. Each of them tells a unique story and each of them are fruits of a creative mind and a skilful hand.You might also want to check some digital painting tutorials that can help you in your design.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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  2. amazing! the last picture looks like an adaptation of noah’s arc after the flood..hehe cool digital paint! 😉

  3. While I really like the new graphics-based images that have become somewhat synonymous with digital painting, I like using the new medium to create more traditional looking art. With a lot of practice I have gleaned many of the benefits you are talking about but for a less “digital” looking style.

  4. In my opinion it’s the artist’s personality, his ideas and his abilities that count… not the medium. Good collection anyway, thx!

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