Workaholic people are those who are so occupied with work and have constant engagement to work. This is also referred as work addiction. Workaholics consider their job as the only area for joy and to establish identities. These people don’t know the meaning of rest and relaxation. They are very active when it comes to work but would feel empty when they are involved in activities not related to work.

Of course, they aim for materials things in life and would only find pleasure in working. But the truth is, they could not get the real pleasures in life which is seen outside work. You may be afraid to become a workaholic and would prefer to me known as hardworking. But how would you know that you are already a workaholic? Some people cannot notice that because of too much hard work, they are becoming workaholics. To help you identify, here are some behaviours of a workaholic individual.

1. Food skipper.

Food skipper
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A workaholic tends to skip meals and sometimes doesn’t really have time to eat. If he opts to eat, it would be ready to eat foods and some meals from the fast food. These types of foods cannot give you the nutrients your body needs. But a workaholic still chooses to eat this kind of food. As a result, his health suffers and is less productive. He thinks that eating is a waste of time without thinking that he have actually placed his health at risk.

2. Poor sleeping habits.

Poor sleeping habits
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A workaholic works till late at night, is even up until dawn and starts working early. He spends little time sleeping and more time working. Because of the lack of sleep, he could not concentrate on the work and sometimes even become irritable. This also results into poor memory and obesity.

3. Skips relaxation.

Skips relaxation
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A workaholic does not relax or take some breaks. He doesn’t nap when he feels tired or sleepy. He just keeps on working no matter how tired he is. This results into stress especially that he does not have time to go out for movies and to take a walk in the park. He doesn’t have time to chill out and unwind for he thinks that it is a waste of time.

4. No work breaks.

No work breaks
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A workaholic does not take breaks from work. Even during holidays, he is working and would even bring work home if he is employed in a company. He will even go to work although he is sick or not feeling well. He does this because he always wants to be in the office working, afraid to skip some work. During long vacations, he will still be working instead of enjoying time away from the office.

5. Prefers to work than party.

Prefers to work than party
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A workaholic doesn’t want to party with friends and socialize with them thinking that it is not worth his time. He thinks that instead of partying, he would prefer to work. He will even skip special occasions just to work. It would seem that his life revolves around work only and would miss the great things in life.

6. Neglects relationships.

Neglects relationships
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A workaholic does not spend time with family and friends. He does not really look into the importance of relationships. Most workaholics do not build his own family for he thinks that he doesn’t have time for a spouse and for children. He opts to be alone so that he can focus on his work. Some workaholic people who have families spend little time with them and also forget special occasions like birthdays of his children. He also comes home very late.

7. Believes in himself too much.

Believes in himself too much
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A workaholic strongly believes that he can do everything by himself without the need of other people’s help. He thinks that if he asks other people to work on something for him, it would not turn out well. So, he hates teamwork and would prefer to work by himself just to be sure that things will be done properly.

8. Always talks about work.

Lets the audience get your emotion
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A workaholic is so addicted with work that he talks about it all the time. Even when he doesn’t have work, he still talks about it. It is still in his mind even if he is away from work. It is obvious that work is the important thing for him for it is his only concern. He can exchange anything for his work, even mere conversations with family and friends will still be about work.

9. Multi-tasking is a must.

Multi-tasking is a must
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A workaholic always does multi-tasking. He thinks that if he won’t multi-task, he is wasting some time. Multi-tasking is not an option for him; it is the only option in order to finish work at once. He does so many things in one moment.

10. Hates people who cannot prioritize work.

Hates people who cannot prioritize work

A workaholic thinks that everyone should have his line of thinking so that everyone will succeed. He hates those people who party after work and who spends some time away from work while he is still working. He thinks that these people do not value their work the way he does.

It’s Your Turn Now

So many aspects in one’s life is affected when one is a workaholic. Even his social life suffers for he restricts himself from real happiness. He even creates his own limits, thus having limited freedom to do things. As seen above, it is not good to be a workaholic. It is indeed true that too much of something is bad. Are you a workaholic? Are you seeing these signs in you? Or do you think there are still other signs of being a workaholic? Share your thoughts to us.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Number 6 is just so true. Well, all of them are but that part caught me. lol

  2. 100% spot on!!! I am known as a workaholic. And I am proud of that. Until I happened to read this post. Okay, 2012 come I am going to change.

  3. How about a Schoolaholic?
    Many kids show these signs but with school instead of work.
    Skips Food? Occasionally.
    Skips Sleep? Definitely
    Skips Relaxation? Oh yeah
    Always Talks about School? Yup

  4. We’re glad you liked this post. Most of us can surely relate to some of the items on the list. Some people are really unaware that they are already workaholics! Hope this post helped you. 🙂

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