One of the best marketing strategies to implement that will reflect the presence of your business and also your cooperation in market space is to use messages and designs such as logos and symbols as these are effective elements in building your own identity in the market. If you are having a restaurant business, your logo design must be simple and easy to read. However, it should not loose distinction and should not fail to communicate the concept of the restaurant to the consumers. Logo design for a restaurant should convey what kind of restaurant it is or what kind of food or drinks they should expect even before entering the establishment.

For graphic designers, it is imperative to balance these points in creating a logo. They should determine if it will be a simple or complex design, and be prepared in how they should present their design effectively whether the design is for a restaurant, cleaning services, or any companies.

Here are the 40 Attractive Designs of Restaurant Logo for your Inspiration. Take a look at this list for you to be able to create a good logo design for people to easily identify the nature of your product and services by just looking at it.

2014 Update:

Inspiration is one of the most helpful forces that drives aspiring designers to do better and better at what they do best. Keep your inspirations up and high with more of these logo designs as we have added several more logos for you to browse on. Get your imagination running and try to get some new ideas as you take a look at these creative designs.

KING'S & QEEN'S logo
Designed by: teroristd
A good logo design for a restaurant or catering business.

Green Moon
Green Moon logo
Designed by: alexmark
A nice logo design for a restaurant.

Music Delicasy
music delicasy logo
Designed by: oliverakos
A clever logo design suitable for any restaurants with live music.

Bonafide Restaurant
Bonafide Restaurant logo
Designed by: studiogetz
A logo design suitable for a restaurant, bistro, generally food industry.

lovesip logo
Designed by: logopoint
A romantic looking logo best for dating agencies, romantic places, restaurants, internet “romantic places searching site” and also for a wine label. logo
Designed by: logopoint
A very simple and clever logo that is perfect for new restaurants or bars.

HotSpot Pizza
HotSpot Pizza logo
Designed by: MDS
A brand symbol created for pizza restaurants and delivery.

Coupon Dish
Coupon Dish logo
Designed by: Shnickerdoodle Studios
A logo design suitable for a coupon/deal related site or blog.

Caprice Du Chef
Caprice Du Chef logo
Designed by: karloidd
A unique and evocative logo design perfect for an elegant restaurant, catering service or food related business.

TriBaker logo
Designed by: lynx
A logo with three faces wearing chef hats and is good for restaurant partnership, premium bakery or any other food/restaurant uses.

sunnyspoon logo
Designed by: TriangleWrap
A logo design with warm, inviting, and happy feeling and is suitable for restaurants, charities, or any children foundations.

Classique logo
Designed by: newblackdesign
A logo design of a white, elegant napkin and the golden napkin ring set perfectly suitable for a high class restaurant, or maybe a French cuisine restaurant.

MXCocina logo
Designed by: malbardesign
A mark suitable for a delish & hot Mexican restaurant, grills, delicious food products or cooking tutorials.

forkwork logo
Designed by: mircha69
A simple and clean logo design suitable for a place where you work with a fork like a restaurant dinner and so on.

Smart Cook
smart cook logo
Designed by: Peter_j
A brand symbol good for any gastronomy related business or institution such as restaurant, private school, etc.

Reserv Seats
Reserv Seats
Designed by: revotype
A clever logo design for an online reservation and wait list management to the hospitality, food, restaurant industry.

listaurants logo
Designed by: scribe
A perfect logo design for a company offering restaurant location information for the benefit of someone visiting a new country and seeking dining places and someone searching for somewhere local.

Kerem Food
Kerem Food logo
Designed by: delogo
A mark suitable for fast food businesses or small restaurants which sell kebab, shaorma or any oriental food.

Dinner Heaven
dinner heaven logo
Designed by: blc
A nice and simple illustrative logo design evoking some lovely and cozy place to have dinner.

Holy Mackerel
Holy Mackerel logo
Designed by: weianddesign
A good logo design for a restaurant or other casual, laid-back and fun business or blog.

Desert Fork Restaurant
Desert Fork Restaurant logo
Designed by: Argee
A logo design suitable for a restaurant, or any other business related to food, maybe a website, blog or forum for gourmets, etc.

Balloon Chef
Balloon Chef logo
Designed by: Michael Spitz
A logo design created for a restaurant.

rich-kich logo
Designed by: kuznets
A logo design best for an online resource for restaurants.

Giuseppe logo
Designed by: vorox
A logo design suitable for an Italian restaurant or cafe.

Fork’et Me Not
Fork'et Me Not logo
Designed by: mattfrith
A logo design which visually express what restaurants desire the most – to be remembered and revisited.

eggfast logo
Designed by: voxsix
A logo design suitable for restaurants, cafes, egg products such as mayonnaise, etc.

2Hearts logo
Designed by: meraindia
A great mark for business related restaurants, music store, gift shop, saloon, fashion, etc.

Mexican Grill Restaurant
Mexican Grill Restaurant logo
Designed by: Abdullah Mezher
A logo design created for a Mexican restaurant.

HiRecipe logo
Designed by: voxsix
A logo perfectly designed for a website or blog for cooking, recipes, cookbooks, food, catering services, different types of cuisines, etc.

You Have Been Served
You Have Been Served
Designed by: mickeyy
A logo design which suits to a wide range of business posibility.

Restaurant Rating
Restaurant Rating
Designed by: Alisa
A logo for free consulting service “St. Petersburg Restaurants Rating” which provides information about bars, café, restaurant, etc.

e-food logo
Designed by: pecintoha
A logo design good for any food related business especially gourmet.

Black Shell
Black Shell logo
Designed by: HWorks
This is a classy mark which would fit perfectly for a seafood restaurant.

Luciana logo
Designed by: lincolnkamwaro
A logo design suitable for catering and restaurants.

Bent Fork
Bent fork logo
Designed by: Martys
A brand symbol perfect for any highend, classy, elegant restaurant, flatware, cutlery, and/or website.

Lobster logo
Designed by: salba
A logo design suitable for lobster restaurants or any restaurants that serve seafood.

Tropicktail logo
Designed by: logosprite
A logo design suitable for a restaurant, pub or bar.

Designed by: dbunk
A minimalistic logo design suitable for a website or blog that has to do with food reviews, cooking recipes, catering services or a restaurant/hotel.

Designed by: Kalberlah_com
A logo design good for a restaurant or Mexican food/beverages.

PhoYum logo
Designed by: tinix1
Logo design for modern Pho noodle soup restaurant.

Seafood Crab Restaurant
seafood restaurant logo design
Designed by: Vast
A fine logo design that was inspired from a crab.

Gourmand Restaurant
wine restaurant logo design
Designed by: DannivassVast
This is a nice and creative logo that shows a fork, a knife and a shape of a bottle in between.

Marina Restaurant
marine restaurant logo design
Designed by: maccreatives
A cool logo design perfect for seafood restos and fisheries.

deer restaurant logo design
Designed by: lengpat
This is a logo design of a deer with its horn changed in to kitchen utensils which makes it great for restaurants.

jalapeno-restaurant logo design
Designed by: Memoco
A Mexican inspired logo design good for restaurant.

fork restaurant logo design
Designed by: grimsmc
A creative design that combines a road and a fork in one logo. Hence the Tamala Cafe.

Tamala Cafe
café restaurant logo design
Designed by: giallouros
A minimalist logo design good for restaurant and café.

chef restaurants logo design
Designed by: sheekarthick
A design of a chef hat with a spoon and fork in the middle.

Japanese restaurant logo designs
Designed by: tukano
A logo design very ideal for a Japanese restaurant

Fleur restaurant
fleur restaurant logo
Designed by: newblackdesign
An elegant logo design great for restaurants that values elegance and exquisite food.

Joan Mae Maguale

About the author: A mechanical engineer who finds article writing as one of her newest love career.


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