Being productive is not just about your skills and how much time you need to finish tasks. There is something more behind skills and time management. You can be more productive if you have started rightly at the beginning of the day. Well, for morning birds, early morning is the start of their day but for night owls, it could be around lunch time already. But nevertheless, you can still start their day rightly by doing just few things.

We will be giving you some tips today which can help you become more productive by jump-starting your day with the right things to do. You may not notice these little steps but when you look deeper into its value, you surely quit disregarding them. So, here we go. Here are the things you can do to start your day right and be more productive.

1. Have a good breakfast.

Have a good breakfast

You would be able to start the day right with a good breakfast. Breakfast from the word itself means that it breaks your fasting from the time you sleep at night. Imagine just how long you were not able to eat like 8 hours more or less? If you skip breakfast, you would be torturing yourself and your stomach. It would be unhealthy for you and it can even affect your activities. Be sure to eat breakfast so you can start your day right. You won’t be able to work well when you are hungry.

2. Have a shower.

Have a shower

A good shower would also be important. Oh well, you do not want to work with a bad smell, don’t you? So, take a good shower. A good shower is not hurriedly done. It means that you are like enjoying the water and feeling the freshness from it. Just imagining yourself taking a bath can already be so relaxing. Make it a habit to have a great shower every day. You will surely feel good for the rest of the day,

3. Review your to-do list.

Review your to do list

Before you start working, review your to do list. Oops, if you do not have a to-do list yet, you better create one. You have to do this to make sure that you will not skip any of your important tasks. Start your day right by checking your to-do list. This will remind you of what you need to do for that day. Reviewing your to-do list will let you know what tasks you need to do first and what to do next.

4. Prepare what you need.

Prepare what you need

After checking your to-do list, prepare what you need. Place everything in your work area so that you don’t have to go far when you need it. Get your notebook where you have written down important specifications for the project. Review your notes before you start designing. Make sure your computer is ready and you have closed all unnecessary programs. See to it that you are free from distractions so you can work well. Being prepared for what you need for work will make it easier for you to do your tasks.

5. Do the tough things first.

Do the tough things first

In your lists of tasks, there would be a hard task or shall we say, the toughest task, maybe as tough as saving the world. That could be the most detailed part of the project that will require more time. Hence, you have to do that first because it would take away a lot of lump from your work. Also, you will be able to concentrate more when you are just starting to work. You are also more energized on the early stage of work which means that you can be more productive and keener to details. That is why the toughest task should be done first.

6. Dedicate time to self.

Dedicate time to self

When you wake up in the morning, try to spend time for yourself first. You can just sit and relax for a little while but be sure you won’t doze back to sleep! You can scan emails or check your social media accounts. Call it a “me” time. Do anything you want to do. People need time to be alone once in a while. This will make you value yourself even more.

7. Connect with positive people.

Connect with positive people

Well, sometimes, no matter how positive you are and no matter how huge your smile is, it can still be bended into a frown when you get to deal with people who give you negative vibes. So, when you want to have a good day ahead of you, connect with positive people. Do that not just with the people you personally talk with but also with your friends online. Keep that positive energy within your circle and do not allow anyone to pop your positive energy balloon. Connecting with positive people can prepare you for a positive day.

8. Do positive visualization.

Do positive visualization

This could be similar to meditating. Positive visualization means that you spend time looking at the positive things that happen in your life and be thankful for all of it. Then think of what you want and how you can achieve it. Believe that you can get it. If it is about your career, then think of steps on how to reach your goal and start doing it at once. This is effective in helping you have a great start of the day. It is like setting a straight road for you before you start travelling.

9. Get your body moving.

Get your body moving

Having an exercise before the day’s work is a good thing for your body. You will be able to recharge your muscles. Exercise can increase brain function and decrease stress level. It can jump start your metabolism and your day. You will surely be full of energy after doing an exercise. That is one good way to start your day right. You will also have more energy in working and you will feel that you are in high spirits to work making you more productive.

10. Meditate.


Other people skip meditation and neglect the benefits it can give them. But once you start and try meditating every day, you can see that it can make you feel better. Allocate a few minutes to meditate. You can either relax your mind for a few minutes or you can think of positive things that can make you have a better perspective on things. Having positive thoughts at the beginning of the day can surely help you to do better for the rest of the day.

It’s Your Turn Now

Having a good start to your day is indeed important. Try doing the tips above so you can have a beautiful smile painted on your face till you sleep at night. Anyone would love to start their day right especially if there are tons of works to do. So, what do you do to make your day great and even be more productive? You can also check our tips on the Productive Ways to Work Faster with Great Results.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.