If you are making or still planning to make a kid-themed design project, then kid-themed fonts are must-haves if you want children to appreciate your design. Unlike the grown ups who likes things more professional and neat, children prefer things that are fun, quirky, and whatever engages their imaginative minds.

Luckily, there are a lot of available ‘kiddy’ font styles that varies in design from child-like handwritings to cartoon-inspired characters. The downside is looking for the perfect typeface for your design, which can consume a lot of time and slow down your process.

No worries! For this post, we have gathered some of the best kids font styles that you can download for free and use for your designs. Also, some of these freebies are also allowed for commercial projects, so be sure to check out all of them to maximize their use and avoid any breach of license. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.


Twiddlestix has a fun and wacky characteristic to its design that makes it perfect for kiddy theme designs.
kids font free

Typo Comics

Here we have a sans serif font with a hint of a playful design. This font includes the alphanumeric characters as well as the other special characters and accent letters.
kiddy fonts design


Wonderbar has a clean and unique style that will add a whimsical feel to your design.
fantasy font style

Makes You Stronger

This next font uses a cursive style with chalk design.
chalk style font

Miss Olsen’s Classroom

These dotted characters will surely be a hit for the kids and kids at heart alike.
dotted fonts kids

Attack of the Robots

Attack of the Robots is a serif font that is great for kiddy fantasy or horror books.
serif kids fonts


Giraffenhals displays a handwritten font style with a chalk design.
kiddy font family

Lego House

Here we have a clean kiddy font that can be used for titles and contents as well.
clean kids font


Kranky has a handcrafted element that will make your design more fun and attractive to the children. It is also free to be used for personal and commercial projects.
chalk outline fonts

Senang Banyol

Senang Banyol is another fun and quirky font style for kids to enjoy. It is free for any personal and commercial projects too.
quirky free font

Primary Whimsy

Primary Whimsy has its characters tilted in quirky manner that kids will adore reading. It adds fun and creativity to the design for children to enjoy.
fun kiddy font

Behind These Hazel Eyes

Here we have a clean and readable font style that will look perfect for children’s books.
readable kid fonts

Irish Grover

Irish Grover has a fun and a bit horror-ish design perfect for children’s books of any genre.
creepy font style

Princess Sofia

Princess Sofia is a lovely font style that every little princess will love.
fantasy themed font


Hangyaboly is a nice font style that has a playful design that is great for kid-themed design projects.
kids cartoon font

Grinched 2.0

This creative font style includes a lot of characters that covers more languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Czech, etc.
fun kids fonts

Super Seven

This one has a shadow element for an added kick to the design.
shadowed font style

Green Eggs and Spam

This typeface is perfect for scrapbooking and children’s books. It also contains accents, European characters, and kerning.
creative regular typeface


This sans serif font has a curvy structure and clean, even line weight that compliments to a bold title and provides easy legibility for content.
simple kiddy typeface


Chicle is a bold and versatile font that you can use for your personal and commercial designs.
bold kids typeface

Wicked Mouse

Wicked Mouse is a playful vintage-cartoon-style typeface that will allow you to inject a bit of fun with this typeface into a drab project.
cartoon typeface design

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