If you are one of those who are looking for fonts to be used in designing a comic, amusing websites and other kiddie crafts, then you must browse this collection as this can be of great help to you in choosing the right fonts that you need. These kiddy fonts will give a fun look and feel to your kiddie-themed designs. Most of these fonts are humorous, funny, entertaining, comical and amusing that will best suit for kiddy font needs. This collection also includes fonts that are good to make an artwork themed playground designs. Designers need to find fonts that are stylish, extra creative and funny to make their kiddie-themed design more appealing to the audience especially to the kids. The cartoon and comic fonts help them out in this category and give them extra edge over those that use the traditional fonts.

Here is a List of Kids Fonts to make your Kiddie-Themed Projects Captivating. Browse from this collection of free childlike and high quality fonts for your kids’ party invitations and school projects. Enjoy!

2014 Update:

For this new update, you can enjoy adding more fonts to your collection as we have expanded this compilation for our readers. These fonts are all free to download. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick!

Mickey Ears
Mickey Ears font
Designed by: GorillaBlu

LMS Spelling Bee
LMS Spelling Bee font
Designed by: London’s Letters

pencilled font
Designed by: Web Dog

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KR Crayons
KR Crayons font
Designed by: Kat’s Fun Fonts

homework font
Designed by: Colorful Typhoon

101! Alpha Pikture ‘Bet
101! Alpha Pikture 'Bet font
Designed by: Nght’s Place

Penmanship Print
Penmanship Print font
Designed by: Richard Douglas

SF Balloons
SF Balloons font
Designed by: ShyFoundry

Gretoon font
Designed by: Måns Grebäck

Milo’s Grade Five
Milo's Grade Five font
Designed by: Brdfont

Brown Bear Funk
brown bear funk font
Designed by: Last Soundtrack

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Kingthings Bloone!
Kingthings Bloone! font
Designed by: Kingthings

Little Miss Cursive
Little Miss Cursive font
Designed by: KiddieFonts

KG ABCs Dingbats
KG ABCs Dingbats Font
Designed by: Katz Fontz

Square Kids
square kids font
Designed by: Grafito Design

dreamland font
Designed by: dustBUST

Kingthings Extortion
Kingthings Extortion font
Designed by: Kingthings

pencilpete font
Designed by: JOEBOB graphics

schoolbell font
Designed by: Font Diner

Dingle Berries
Dingle Berries font
Designed by: aced

Go Boom!
Go Boom! font
Designed by: mgl23

Chock A Block NF
Chock A Block NF font
Designed by: Nick’s Fonts

Rabbit On The Moon
Rabbit On The Moon font
Designed by: David Kerkhoff

Pijamas font
Designed by: Billy Argel

Smiley Font
Designed by: P. J. Cassel

Bean Town
Bean Town font
Designed by: Fontalicious

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Blu’s Blocks
Blu's Blocks font
Designed by: GorillaBlu

Two Turtle Doves
Two Turtle Doves font
Designed by: Divide By Zero

m&ms font

Elastic Wrath
Elastic Wrath FONT

KathleenLowercase FONT

PeggyFont Light
PeggyFont Light

Roughage Serif
Roughage Serif font

Hang ‘Em 2
Hang 'Em 2 font

Toy Train
Toy Train font
Designed by: West Wind Fonts

kiddy fonts free
Designed by: Des

animal free kiddy fonts
Designed by: Peax Webdesign

cute kiddy fonts
Designed by: ajb926

free arrow kiddy fonts
Designed by: KhrysKreations

free sketch  kid font
Designed by: Des

mouse free kiddy fonts
Designed by: Lime

KR School Days
school kiddy fonts free
Designed by: Kat’s Fun Fonts

simple free fonts for kids
Designed by: Des

Happy Potatoes
happy kiddy fonts free
Designed by: Darrell Flood

bird kid free fonts
Designed by: anke-art

free kindergarten fonts
Designed by: RianneCoates

fun kiddy fonts free
Designed by: KhrysKreations

shaded free kiddy fonts
Designed by: KhrysKreations

DK Nanuk
shadow free kiddy fonts
Designed by: David Kerkhoff

 swirls free kid fonts
Designed by: Des

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