In everything you do in life, there are always goals that you set. There are always targets that you keep in mind and you consider some steps on how you can reach that target. Smart goal setting is valuable for self-improvement and motivation especially these days that there are so many distractions around us. It is necessary in order for us to see a perfect picture of what we are trying to work hard for. There are different kinds of goals that one may set. It could be:

  • Long-term goals. These are goals that will happen for 5 years or more. It takes time in order to accomplish this which means longer commitment and longer hard work. But most long-term goals are huge and very fulfilling when achieved. An example of that is finishing a design course.
  • Intermediate-term goals. These are goals that can be achieved with 1-5 years. You also need to spend more time to get it but you’ll get it easier than your long-term goal. An example could be getting a design course or a certification.
  • Short-term goals. These are goals that can be done in less than a year. It depends on how you work on it. The more focused you are, the faster you can get to the finish line.

Goal setting motivates a person to achieve what he wants. But we are not just speaking of mere goal setting here. One needs to do smart goal setting to make sure that he will succeed. One needs to learn how to give meaning to his wants and how to take actions towards it. Since, smart goal setting is very important, we will be posting a series of tips regarding the topic including how to set goals, the barriers of goal setting and the benefits of it. So, today, we will start off by letting you know the Importance of Smart Goal Setting. Here they are:

1. Clarifies your end vision.

Clarifies your end vision
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Without setting a goal, you will be driving in a road where you are not sure where to go. It also gives you a clear vision of what you really want. Setting a goal would help you clarify what you really aiming for. It wouldn’t be good to have an ambiguous goal for you will surely be confused. Look for the right words to express your goals. This way, you will know what truly excites and motivates you.

2. Lets you focus.

Lets you focus
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Instead of looking at many other things, you can surely focus on achieving a goal when you have set it. There are so many things to do every day and you might even tend to do some things that might not help you to achieve your goals. Hence, it is very important to set goals in order for you to focus on what you really want.

3. Drives you forward.

Drives you forward
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Setting a goal can also motivate you to move forward. It lets you work harder to reach your goal. This is important especially when you are working on your design projects that have deadlines. But this is also true to your long terms goals. When you experience times that you are starting to lose your motivation, then think and consider your goal again and this will fuel you forward.

4. Instils self-discipline.

Instils self-discipline
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Well, if you do not know how to discipline yourself, then you will find it hard to reach your goal. So, if you have set a clear goal and you are motivated to attain it, then you have to discipline yourself to do things that will easily lead you to that goal.

5. Reminds you of priorities.

Reminds you of priorities
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You will not stray away anywhere if you have set a goal for it can surely remind you of what needs to be done. Doing your priorities is a sure way to reach your goals but of course, you have to know what those priorities are. You can write them down on a post it so that you can be reminded anytime.

6. Lets you do your best.

Lets you do your best
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Sometimes, you think that you won’t be able to do something. But when it is already there, you discovered that you can actually do it because you were motivated to attain your goal. Setting goals can also let you go beyond the limits that you already know and be a better, stronger person. You can even discover other skills along the way.

7. Gives you something new to think.

Gives you something new to think
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It would be a good thing for your mind to always have something new to think. This way, you will be able to develop your thoughts more. You can even have a wider perspective on things if you always have new things to ponder upon. It is a good exercise for your brain. This will always help you to develop better creative thinking for your proejcts.

8. Trains you to manage time.

Trains you to manage time
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Well, as a designer, you surely know how to manage your time especially if you have major projects. So, when you have set your goals, see to it that you will be able to follow that by creating your own timeline. This will help you do your priorities first and finish all your important tasks.

9. Oblige you to take action.

Oblige you to take action
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If you have set a goal, you will be obliged to do something. You can’t just think of a goal and not do anything. You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you will not take some action. So, set a goal so that you have something to look up to that would urge you move.

10. Gives you fulfilment.

Gives you fulfilment

For sure, when you are able to set goals and attain them, you will feel fulfilled and this will even fuel you more to do better in life. You will also feel happy that you were able to do something valuable in life and that you have discovered new things about yourself due to reaching a certain goal. Having the feeling of fulfilment can surely make you a happy person leading to better work attitudes and perspective in life.

Something to Look Forward To

Setting a goal is very important in everything we do. Whatever that type of goal is, it is always valuable to be concrete and certain about it. Everyone should know the value of setting goals and how to set goals in order to be successful. Designers are not an exemption to this. By setting goals, we are able to give direction to our lives.

Now that you have learned the importance of smart goal setting, you may want to know the barriers of goal setting so that you can do away with it. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by anything or anyone. So, look forward to our next post about smart goal setting. Know the barricades of goal setting and be more successful in reaching the zenith of success.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.