You got work to do and a deadline to beat but you don’t feel like working yet. So instead of starting the project, you do other things like checking emails. Situations like this usually occur especially if you are into a major project. These are the times when you procrastinate.

Procrastination is an act wherein you do miscellaneous things instead of doing high-priority tasks. You also find some reasons which for you are valid in order to do away with doing that important task. But this behavior is a big no no especially if you have deadlines. Hence, if you tend to procrastinate, here are some tips to help you learn how to stop procrastinating as a designer.

1. Start doing it.

Start doing it.
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If you always think about the work and all the things that you need to do in order to finish it, you won’t be able to accomplish anything. Just do it. Instead of wasting time, just start doing it. You won’t get anything by procrastinating. This will even be worse if you have a deadline. Don’t just watch the clock ticking. Do something while it ticks. If you procrastinate, you will soon realize that you have little time left which results into rushing things and you might even make mistakes while in a rush.

2. Break big task into parts.

 Break big task into parts
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One of the reasons of procrastination is seeing the work as a totally big task to do. To make it easier, break it into parts. After breaking it into parts and you still find it too overwhelming, break it into parts again. If you see that those parts are a lot easier, then for sure, you will start working now. You’ll find the work so simple and would immediately work on it. You’ll never know that you have actually gone through all the phases and have eventually finished the entire project which was a huge job at first. Make things simple so you’ll end up finishing it simply.

3. Make a timeline and a to do list.

Make a timeline and a to do list
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Breaking your work into smaller tasks include creating a timeline and a to-do listto make sure that you will be able to do everything on the right time. You also have to see to it that the most important task comes first and then the rest will follow. But it doesn’t mean that you could skip the less important tasks. Remember that everything in the timeline needs to be done in order to complete the entire project. Also, you can include deadlines for every task but you need to make your own deadline to finish the project. To be sure that you will finish it on time, set a deadline earlier than the deadline of the client.

4. Look for the apt ambiance.

Look for the apt ambiance
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If you feel like you are already tired of sitting in the same chair and seeing the same stuff in your working area, then it is time to go out and look for a different place to work in. There are times that the environment actually is a factor in procrastinating. Look for a place where you will feel inspired and motivated to work. Maybe you can bring your laptop with you near the beach so you could work while listening to the soothing waves and feeling the touch of fresh air. You’ll surely find it truly inspiring to work in a place like that.

5. Have a companion.

Have a companion
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There would be times that you feel like you need someone to work with or maybe just someone to accompany you while you work. It is not necessary that the person you are with is also working on the same field or industry. Anyone whom you feel comfortable with could make things look easier. You can ask a good friend to be your companion so you could do a little chit chat while you are working on your design. Or maybe a friend who is also working on something could come with you so you could both do some work while keeping each other’s company.

6. Face your fear.

 Face your fear
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It is said that procrastination is a fear of success. If you procrastinate it is because you are afraid to carry that load of responsibility to work on a project in order to succeed. You might not agree to this but it becomes true when you really look deeper into it. Do not be afraid to invest some efforts in your work for you’ll surely reap the fruit of your labor in the end. If you are worried about making mistakes, you’ll just waste time worrying. Do it and stop worrying. Be happy with what you are doing so you will have a good output.

7. Do away with procrastination pit-stops.

Do away with procrastination pit-stops
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There are times that no matter how focused you are, you can still stop working due to some distractions that you may not notice of. Do away with anything that could make you procrastinate. Be conscious of your actions. Do not be distracted with emails and do not keep on checking your social network accounts. Do away with distractions.

8. Identify your strength and weaknesses.

Identify your strength and weaknesses
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It is very helpful to know your strength and weaknesses in working. This will help you become more efficient and effective in your work. Knowing your weakness will help you do away with it and you can even convert this weakness into strengths if you only know how to handle things. Do not easily fall of to procrastination pit-stops. Learn how to discipline yourself.

9. Avoid stress.

 Avoid stress
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Stress is one of the primary reasons why people procrastinate. If you are stressed out, you won’t have a good output while working and you’ll end up procrastinating. So make sure that you enjoy working, you get enough sleep, you eat healthy food and you make use of your time wisely. See to it that you will have fun while working. For sure, if you find happiness in your work, you’ll be able to do it and finish it right away.

10. Finish your tasks.

Finish your tasks
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Without taking the first step to start a project, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. But not finishing it even make matters worse. You’ll just waste everything you did. Also, do not keep on skipping tasks. Remember that you broke the work into smaller parts? You have to finish a task first before getting into the next. If you won’t finish it, you have to go back to it again.

Try applying these tips to stop procrastinating. You’ll surely feel better and you will have a different flare in doing your work. By the time you overcome it, you will realize that it is indeed better to stop procrastination and accomplish a lot more that you usually do.

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


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