The long wait is over for summer has finally kicked-off! Summer is the most awaited season for aside from the lovely scenes and fine hot weather, people look forward for the things they can do outdoors. Travelling, camping, and festivities are just some of the many enjoyable activities that are possible to do during summer. But aside from that, it is also a great time for taking pictures!

So, if you have that hobby for photography, why don’t you snap some stunning summer shots? The list of subjects and interesting sceneries are endless! We are certain that you will get a lot of pictures and you will also be able to experiment with your photography skills. So if you plan to do that this summer, why don’t you take a look at the summer photography tips below and get inspiration from a showcase of summer photos.

1. Choose your location.

Choose your location

There are so many places to go when its summertime. With the fine weather, you can do a lot of photographing outdoors. You can always hit the beach for lovely beach shots or you can also go to the city and take pictures of people enjoying their time in parks and other areas. But you can also merely take a walk in your neighbourhood and look for interesting subjects. Just be sure that the location you have chosen looks appealing.

2. Avoid bright light.

Avoid bright light

One of the challenges that photographers encounter during summer is the harsh light from the sun. You can avoid too much bright light by taking a picture away from the sun. You can also look for shade and take a picture there. Light is softer during early mornings and late afternoons. Hence, it would be better to take pictures during that time instead of doing it in middays. Adding the right type of filter can also help you to get better photos. You can underexpose your camera and lessen the amount of light that enters it.

3. Capture action.

Capture action

There are so much action that you can capture during summer. You can take pictures of kids playing under the sun or people on the beach. Summer is one season where people spend their time outdoors. Take this opportunity to snap photos of people and the activities they do. This way, your photos could tell different stories.

4. Avoid harsh shadows.

Avoid harsh shadows

With bright lights, your photos could have harsh shadows and would spoil the entire image. To avoid this, you can use fill-flash or you can use reflectors to let the light bounce back to the subject. Some use white towels as reflectors especially when they are on the beach.

5. Do away with squinting.

Do away with squinting

Your subject would squint or would partly close their eyes if the light is too bright. It wouldn’t look nice if your subjects are squinting. To avoid this, you can let them go to an area with shade. An umbrella can do the trick. You can also let them stand with the sun’s light on their back which you call backlighting. You can also wait when the clouds cover the sun before you take a picture.

6. Use flash.

Use flash

Yes, most people might think that they should not use flash because the outdoors is already filled with light. But you can actually use flash because the light from the sun only goes on one direction. By using fill in flash, it equally and evenly distributes light to your subject making it look a lot better.

7. Capture colors.

Capture colors

Summer is also like spring. You could see so many colors all around you from flowers to beach balls. It would be great to see a photo filled with different colors. Look for subjects with lovely colors and for sure this will make your photo look more interesting.

8. Shoot at different time of the day.

Shoot at different time of the day

You can experiment shots by taking pictures at different times of the day. You can observe that there are different lengths of shadows and the contrast also varies. If you want to get still shots of the environment like the water, it is best to do that during late afternoons.

9. Protect your skin and your camera.

Protect your skin and your camera

If you will go to the beach, make sure that you will not place your camera on the sand without a cover for it could ruin it. Also, protect your skin from the harsh sunlight by putting on sunscreen before going out. You can also wear a hat with a large brim or maybe you can also bring an umbrella with you.

10. Shot in different angles and views.

Shot in different angles and views

Do not just stand upright to take a photo. Bend, go to higher places and try different angles. This way, you will come up with unique photos. When you are taking photos of subjects smaller than you, go down to their level. Experiment with different vantage points so you can come up with better outputs.

Be Refreshed with Summer Photography Inspirations

For sure, you will be able to get lovely summer photos but you can even do better once you are more inspired. The summer photos that you are about to see will not just inspire you but will also give you ideas on what you subjects you could take and in what manner you could do it.

Summer in the City Edit

Summer in the City
A very refreshing activity indeed! Would you love to try something like this? The photo shows the people in an almost silhoutte style and it looks great with the water fountain.
Image: AndyMumford

Summer Memories

Summer Memories
Taking pictures of waterscapes and landscapes is one lovely subject this summer.
Image: Emmanuel Dautriche

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset
The calm beach and the setting sun- what a perfect scene to capture!
Image: Marschall196

Lazy Daze of Summer

Lazy Daze of Summer
Check out the clear blue sky with clouds that seemingly scrape around it. It looks stunning with the waters below it.
Image: Sun-Seeker


Summer is about to end in this photo and fall is beginning to take its turn. But the sunrise is sure a divine beauty!
Image: Thinking Upwards

Saphan Taksin Night Revisited

Saphan Taksin Night Revisited
Night time is also a great time to take photos especially in a night like this one.
Image: Comsic

Summer in Zadar VI

Summer in Zadar VI'
Everyone loves to go out when it’s summer! Look at all these people waiting to watch the sunset.
Image: Ivancoric

I’m a Summer Jump 8

I'm a Summer Jump 8
A fun and happy shot from a girl who sure had a great summer.
Image: Escaped Emotions

Golden Hours of Summer – Day23

Golden Hours of Summer - Day23
With the sun’s light touching these subjects, it turned out lovely and dramatic at the same time.
Image: Escaped Emotions

Summer Fun

Summer Fun
Water play! That is one of the activities that kids love to do during summer. The photographer did a good job here in taking a photo of the splashing water.

Summer Time

Summer Time
Summer silhouttes while these kids are having fun at the beach during sunset.
Image: A-Mohsen

Sunset Prima

Sunset Prima
Talk about fashion! A prima ballerina looked like a modern day sun goddess in this shot.
Image: ShakilovNeel

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer
The sand and the seashells- when you see it you’ll think of summer and the beach!
Image: Ana-D

Summer is Here

Summer is Here
A macrophotography of a sun flower facing the sun. Very beautiful details in it!
Image: Yungstar

Sunset on Nuevo Altata Beach 7

Sunset on Nuevo Altata Beach 7
The summer sky is filled with lovely colors when the sunset comes.
Image: NoohohIcant

Summer’s Diary

Summer's Diary
Still life photo of an outdoor scene that seemingly shows the memories of summer with this diary and flower.
Image: Pieces Of Ansley

Umbrella on the Beach

Umbrella on the Beach
Now that is capturing colors. This parasol is like a rainbow on the beach.
Image: Poivre

Puerto De Morgan Beach

Puerto De Morgan Beach
You would surely appreciate this picture showing three different dimensions of land, sea and sky.
Image: Shiny Heels

A Warm Summer’s Day

A Warm Summer's Day
Are you thirsty? We bet you would feel thirsty upon seeing this photo of an iced tea.
Image: MRcolby

Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Ice cream is a hit during summer! This picture looks beautiful with its focus on the ice cream. It’s color also made it standout from the girl’s floral summer dress.
Image: Snowfall Lullaby

It’s Your Turn Now

Summer is indeed love! It is the perfect time to go to beaches, go on road trips and do a lot more fun stuffs! Even the kids would surely love to play outdoors and get near nature in this time of the year. The photos we have showcased could already give you ideas on what you can do with your summer photos. So, what are you waiting for? Get out, have fun and shoot!

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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