A color gradient is a range of various colors that varies continuously depending on the position, thus giving it a smooth color shift and creating a nice effect. Unsurprisingly, they are widely used by graphic designers to add some eye-catching effects for their various works and designs. One of these works are business cards which we have great examples for you to see below.

In this post, we have gathered some of the most beautiful Gradient Business Card designs that we have handpicked for your convenience. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and be inspired.

bisnode gradient business card

A combination of green and blue definitely gives a vibrant and fresh look for this design concept.

Fabien Barral
Fabien barrel gradient business card

An inking process called ‘split fountain’ inking was used, where two or more colours are mixed directly during the printing process to create beautiful colour gradients.

Simon Dowding
simon dowding gradient business card

This design has also a gradient color as a background with a beautiful typography logo in the middle in white.

Modus Vivendi
modus vivendi business card gradient design

The three designs each have their own colour scheme and the lovely gradient effect has been achieved via a process known as split fountain printing.

Business Card Gradients
business card gradient designs

orange business card gradient

blue business card gradient

gold business card gradient

These are some cool examples of business cards with gradient element in various colors.

pink business card gradient

A hint of pink with gradient effect for a business card for the ladies.

Summer Sunset
pink orange business card gradient

This business card design has some gradient colors that depicts summer inspired colors.

Bond County Foster Hope
foster hope business card gradient

The gradient in this design was depicted in the logo and used only on the outlines.

Blue Gradient
blue business card gradient design

This simple business card design has a blank spaced business card with a blue gradient.

Alvaro Uribe
alvaro uribe business card design

A nice design with a clean and professional feel with a nice color gradient.

IS Creative Studio
creative business card gradient

This is a DIY design using an airbrush to paint two colours which grade into each other on the edges of the cards.

gradient business cards
A business card template for those who madly loves gradients.

green gradient business card

A cool business card design for athletes in green gradient.

Business Cards
simple gradient business card

This design uses an image overlayed with a nice gradient.


A pixelized gradient giving it a impressive colored geometric effect.

Business Card Template
red violet gradient business card

This card incorporates various designs including geometric and gradient elements.

Maksim Media
maksim media gradient business card

The layout is way more classic but the background gradient makes them stand out from regular business cards.

violet gradient business  card

This business card has a violet gradient in the edges.

Artist Inspiring the Raindrops
green gradient business card

A business card for a non-profit organization with a green gradient design.

Film Maker
martin hong business card gradient

This is a semi-transparent card with two-colored gradient designs.

gisresurs gradient business card

This card used a blue and red gradient at the border linings and in the logo.

Beat Factory
blue green gradient business card

A nice example of gradient effect in the logo.

Lura Gabriella Carvalho
blue violet gradient business card

A business card with a gradient background at the front and in the logo at the back.

Retro Business Card Template
retro gradient business card

A simple and elegant business card designed around a vintage crest and a retro diamond gradient.

Matthew Macpherson
blue green business card gradient

This card has a mellow blue color with a slight adjustment in the gradient.

violet green gradient business card

Here is another cool example of a gradient effect in a logo.

White Charles
red gradient business card

A nice red gradient in the front with a cool and simple logo in white.

Dase Tattoo
dase tattoo gradient business card

A cool rainbow gradient edge painting with a white business card.

Kimy Alvarez
pink green gradient business card

Here is another great business card design with a beautiful gradient that shows feminine feel.

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