Working in your own home would certainly be great and would be very advantageous for you. But as you move on with your freelance job as a designer, you might wonder how you can get more jobs even if you are just working at home. It would certainly be a great thing if you get a lot of projects even if you do not roam around to look for it. The internet can do a lot of wonders these days and it can even give freelancers so many freelance jobs to choose from.

But it is still not that easy to get jobs because there are also so many designers who want to get design projects. You are not alone in the field but there are ways in order for you to standout and get your clients. You can get the attention of prospect clients by being professional in everything you do and by taking some few simple steps. Take a look at our list below. These can help you to get more freelance job.

1. Exude confidence.

Exude confidence
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Show confidence not just on the way you talk but also in the manner of presenting your portfolio. Do not be hesitant to show the client what you’ve got. If you are confident, it means that you could really give them a good service and impressive output. You can also easily get the trust of your client this way.

2. Have an updated portfolio.

Have an updated portfolio

It would be ironic that while you are occupied working on designs for other people; you are not able to update your own site. You have to see to it that your own portfolio showcases your latest works and contact numbers. This is one of the best ways in order for you to gain clients and get more design work. Do not take it for granted.

3. Show your best works.

Show your best works
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In your online portfolio, show your best works. You do not have to show all of your projects but you have to showcase the best of your outputs. Doing this can give you more chances of acquiring more clients for they can see how good you are. Remember that it is quality that matters and not quantity.

4. Keep your promises.

Keep your promises
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Whenever you commit to a client, make sure that you will really do that. As a freelancer, you have to keep your word in everything. You also need to stick with what you and your client have agreed. If you tell them that you will send the final output tomorrow at a certain time, then you should be on time. Doing this can make your clients trust you. You can even get more projects because of that.

5. Have a brand.

Have a brand
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It is also important that you make a name for yourself. This way, it would be easier for you to shine and be known as a designer. It would be easy for clients and prospect clients to know you through your online branding. Have your own logo, name and others that could put you apart from the rest.

6. Prepare an informative and promotional piece.

Prepare an informative and promotional piece
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Design something that contains every detail your client wants to know and everything that you want your client to know. This way, you just need to send that to them whenever they ask for some info about your design service. Include some information about you, some samples of your work and your skills.

7. Keep the clients informed.

Keep the clients informed
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It is also important to give the clients every detail of the project. Even prior to the creation of the project, you should be able to explain to them how the design process works. Tell them what you will do and other processes needed. This can make them a lot easier for them to understand why you need a certain time to work and it can also justify your fee.

8. Be consistent with your branding.

Be consistent with your branding
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After creating your own brand, the next thing that you have to do is being consistent. Doing this can make it easier for you to be recognized by your clients and your prospect clients. You will also look more professional if you do this.

9. Assume you get every project.

Assume you get every project

When you talk to clients, assume that you are already hired for the project, this way, you will be able to explain everything to them without hesitations. The client will also appreciate it that you gave them every detail they want to know. You will also sound more confident if you do this.

10. Establish working policies.

Establish working policies
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It is important that you have a policy for every freelance job. This will make you look professional for them. Always have a contract for every project and do not forget to have a down payment. You should also not forget to include the number of revisions for the project. You should be able to set policies on what will happen if the client withdraws the project. Create your own policies that will also be a protection for you.

11. Answer e-mails and calls.

Answer e-mails and calls
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You will not succeed as a freelancer if you do not answer calls and emails. Whenever someone ask you a question regarding your services, answer him or her at once. Do not let go of a prospect client. It is even more important to answer queries from current clients on a recent project because they might have some important matter to tell you about the project.

12. Post client feedbacks.

Post client feedbacks
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Posting feedbacks from clients can also be helpful for you to get more clients. If you have satisfied clients, it means that you perform well. Other people will surely be interested to work with you if they have noticed that you are really good not just with your designs but also in dealing with clients.

It’s Your Turn Now

Getting more jobs is actually not about the number of available jobs but it is about how you work as a freelance designer. If you always give your best to your projects, you have a greater chance of getting more jobs. The good news also is that you do not have to seek for jobs because clients will knock on your doors and ask for your services. Try following the pointers we have above and you’ll soon get a flood of projects. How about you? How do you get more freelance design jobs? Share it to us in the comment section below.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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