Film grains are these granular optical textures that appear on images while light leaks occurs when there is a hole in camera where light can pass through. Though these may be nuisance to some photographers, some have used them to lay some subtle effects to their shots.

These effects can be used as tools that can help you add more organic feel and some depth to your image and video.

For this post, we have compiled film grains and film burns that are absolutely free to download. You may scroll down and see which ones will fit right for your current project or add some for your design arsenal. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

Film Burn

13 High-Res Film Burn Textures

film burn textures

Free Real Film Light Leak

light leak film

Film Burn, pt. 1

film burn texture

Old Film 03.

free texture stock

Film Burn, pt. 6

hi res texture

Surface 1

polaroid film burn

Film Burn, pt. 5

texture freebie light


grain film break

Film Burn, pt. 2

red orange texture

Film Burn, pt. 3

purple color textures

Film Burn, pt. 4

blue violet resource

Winter Dawn

free stock film

Microscopic Burned Film

bundle burned film

Blue Film

blue light leak

Film Burn, pt. 8

dark texture stock

Film Camera Light Leak

film light camera

Funny old tv. film

old light leaks

Film Burn, pt. 7

yellow free stock

Lavender. film

violet film light

Film Grains

Old Film 01.

turquoise colors light

Grain Explosion

black white grain

Film Grain

film grain texture

Film grain #2

greyscale grain stock

Film grain #3

grainy grey textures

Film Grain 04

brown stock freebie

Film grain #5

grains black white

Film grain

film black stock

Film grain #4

scan grey grain

Kodak T-Max 400

gray light image

Film Grain 03

stock freebie reds

film grain 2

fade black design

Film Grain 01

light glare images

grain and grunge

grunge texture pack


black dark grainy

Photo Grain Texture

photography dirty coarse

Photo Grain

coarse pixel black

Film Grain 02

gradient light leaks

Film Texture

lights purple films

Film Grain 06

brown stock background

Grain Texture

grain texture free

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