In this time of the information age, internet and technology has shown its inevitable influence to the world. With its rise followed the creation of many websites. With the ever so booming number of websites today, it is just common sense that if you desire to make your website standout, it has to be unique from the others. One way to do this is to have a different design for your website. Every one of us has a unique way of thinking and creativity. All we have to do is act on it and believe it.

To show you some cool and creative web designs, we point up to you 26 Creative Web Design with Doodle art Feel. Here we show to you some of the unique and imaginative ways to make a unique and fun design for your site. Have a look and maybe get an imagination spark for your web design. Come, take a peek, and be inspired.


Blue green doodle web design
A web design grunge background with doodle language buttons


Speech balloon bubble message doodle web design
A speech-bubble-filled web design having a variety of colors to spice it up

Kinetic V5

Creative doodle web design
Multi-colored background website filled with creative drawings and animations

Neighborhood Studio

Background doodle web design
A web design with doodle background

My Dirty Desk

Cute doodle web design
A web design with a doodle designed background in an inverted pyramid


Sketch portrait doodle web design
A sketch portrait of Arunnm is the design subject of this website

Muziekpark 2012

Robot doodle web design
A gradiant of green and yellow background with drawings of robots

4 Pines Beer

Pine sketch doodle web design
A pine-inspired sketch design in this website

Creative With AK

Simple sketch doodle web design
A web design literally filled with artisitc doodle art


Plants nature doodle web design
A brown website with a garden-feel design

Harry Ford

Sketch portrait doodle web design
A sketched portrait of Harry Ford in his website design

Hello Sour Sally

yogurt doodle web design
A fun web art with a yummy yogurt

Kyle Steed

Nerd doodle web design
A cool nerdy portrait design with various font styles in background

Caring is Cool

Cute cat water doodle web design
A cute website design filled with doodle art

Gopal Seema

Wedding doodle doodle web design
A wonderful wedding invitation website with a couple in doodle art

This is Yoke

Header bee doodle web design
A web design with a colorful and fun doodle art on the header


Black and white cloud doodle web design
A black and white web design with an artistic cloud drawing

Consorzio di Sarzana

Italian doodle web design
An italian website with a doodle art design


Purple portfolio doodle web design
A purple background website with creative doodle arrows and books


Green buidling doodle web design
A green website with a doodle art building on top

Web is love

Minimalist doodle web design
A minimalist website with doodle style font and bicycle on footer

Head 2 Heart

Brown doodle web design
A creative dynamic website filled with doodle art designs

Finger Boardy

Grey sketch track doodle web design
A grey and green motif website with a sketched track


Portrait sketch doodle web design
A minimalist website with a sketch portrait of its creators as design front

Art Attackk

Paper drawings doodle web design
A full-blown art website with a doodle touch design

Cilantro Cafe

Creative doodle web design
A creative web design with doodle artworks

Let us know which design you liked best in the comment box. Any commentaries? Suggestions? Hit us up! Naldzgraphics would love to hear from you. Thank you and see you again mate!

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


  1. they are creative and artistic but some of them are simply designed,i like the arunnm and creative we/ AK design because of their message..

  2. Awesomest Logo Designs.. I really have never seen such collection of logo designs

  3. Some people do not consider Doodle art as a serious art form, but personally speaking, this art form produces the most stunning art work and inspiring too! Thanks for sharing!

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