Every designer would like to be recognized and even some wants to be famous. For those who want to be a famous designer, we have a few tips to help you. Getting famous doesn’t happen overnight so you really have to work hard on it. Some designers wants fame for this could give them lots of benefits, like you will have more clients (and these clients are famous people too!) and you will have a higher rate. Being famous may also mean you could have more income. Let us find out how you can be famous as a designer.

1. Be good at what you do.

Be good at what you do
Image: Sab®uS

Whatever field you are specializing at, make sure that you will practice it and be good in that field. Although, it is important for you to be well rounded, it is also important that you are really good in what you do. Always produce constantly good works. You wouldn’t become well-known if you couldn’t maintain great designs.

2.Keep on doing what you are doing.

Keep on doing what you are doing
Image: CGoulao

Practice makes perfect. Keep on working on your designs and look for ways to express your creativity always. If you keep on designing or you keep on taking pictures, you will surely improve. Also, look for time to try something new so that you could be good at many things, too. Keep on doing these things and for sure, even you could be amazed on how better your works are than your outputs when you just started.

3. Try blogging.

Try blogging.
Image: productionstudyusa

Having a blog is one best way to make a name in the internet. You may share tips or experiences in your blog. Some people might like what you write and will keep on reading your posts. A blog is different from a portfolio. You can express yourself more in a blog. You can put a link of your blog in your portfolio.

4. Market your work.

visually appealing design
Image: thinkpanama

Another best way to be famous is to market your works. You can do this by posting them in your portfolio, displaying some of it in your Facebook account, joining design communities online and making your own identity online. If you have worked with clients already, you may ask for referrals from them. Prepare both online and printed portfolio so that you have something to show when clients ask for samples.

5. Do online interviews.

show best works
Image: Eduard Titov

Do not wait for clients to come to you. Look for sites that need designers and present yourself for an interview. You could easily pass interviews if you are honest. Do lots of interviews. There is even a possibility that when one site interviews you, others will interview you also.

6. Create your own website.

Create your own website
Image: Dehzinho

Make a website to market and showcase your works. This can help you gain exposure. Who knows, your site might gain popularity in the design community. Make your site simple and unique.

7. Join contests.

defend your designs
Image: tum_camen

There are tons of design competitions online which you can join. These are ways that can help you expose yourself and develop your skills too. You can see the works of other designers who win competitions and you will be inspired by it.

8. Make good use of social networking sites.

good use of social networking sites
Image: contentstuff

You can actually do social media marketing. There are many ways to use Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to market your designs. You may want to read Effective Use of Twitter for Designers to learn how you can market your work through Twitter.

9. Get featured.

 Get featured
Image: lightning91

It is not easy to get featured in a magazine or in other designer’s blogs. But you just have to keep on working hard, continue making designs and you might be noticed by someone. One feature about you can lead to another feature until you become one of the famous designers.

10. Write a book.

Write a book
Image: TotallyJesus

Writing a book is not easy but why don’t you try writing one? You’ll never know, you might impress many people and your work might be known around the globe. You can try self-publishing if you find it hard to look for a publishing company. Or you can also make it as an e-book.

Being famous as a designer is actually not about how much you will earn but it is about how you work and how much credit or recognitions you receive. Being recognized for your work is a greater thing than merely earning. And you don’t have to worry about rates or money because once you are famous, people knows that you have a higher rate now.

If we think of it, being famous is not really that important. What is important is you are able to continue making good works and you maintain a good attitude. This way, people will continue believing in your talent which is something that can never be taken away from us.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. I think the goal should never be to “become famous” – if you get into this industry with that in mind, you’re certainly in it for the wrong reason.

    1. @S.K you hit the nail on the head. I think a better goal would be how can I better help my clients help their users through design. Being famous is not synonymous for being a great designer.

      Speaking of design, what the hell is up with the Design Outsourcing ad on this site. Crowd source a designer, wow you are sure to get a famous designer on a project that way.

  2. 10 simple step, but 10 giant step 🙂
    Great and very simple (and true) fact about the designer life-form 😀

  3. This is great post for motivation and aspiring graphic designers. But of course, all of this is easier said than done. Thanks for the article

  4. Very well arranged tips, like it very much.
    Thanks for a great info…. (-_-)

  5. I totally agree with you bcoz without making good use of social networking sites you cannot achieve your desired results..

  6. great tips. I think the designers turn famous because they love their work.

  7. Another great tips..i’ll keep doing what i am doing..Thanks!

  8. Great post for inspiring and motivation graphic designers,,Thanks for this great 10 tips, waiting for your next another tips..have great day 🙂

  9. i started blogging for earning 😀 very useful tips

  10. Interesting post. Its obvious the writers first language is not English, but interesting none the less

  11. Kareen !!! well said and also acceptable points over here, Looks like you have good knowledge in this niche. I would like to make some points strong here, Do blogging and share your knowledge and work through Fb and twitter, so that you may get help from other professional in same niche. this is wonderful and thanks for sharing.

  12. Yea thanks for sharing that piece of info.. it dosent really matter about being famous

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