Having a design business could be very exciting for you especially if you have planned to go freelance while working with your local clients in your area. It would also be very challenging for you would need so many preparations to work on. But when you have passion on something, everything would be a lot easier. Yet, if you do not know what to exactly do, we can provide some tips for you.

Promoting your design business would require a lot of time and effort on your part especially if you have just started. But doing all of these is really worth it. You will gain many advantages like having many clients to work with and even a boost for your design business. So, we have here tips on how your design business can be promoted. Read on and get to know what these are.

1. Always be prepared.

Always be prepared

Before anything else, you have to be prepared in everything. Without proper preparation you cannot start a business and you will not be able to promote anything. First hand is preparing yourself including your design skills. Then be ready to work on your branding and study how you can start and grow a design business. Promotion would be one of the first steps you need to take. Once you are ready, you can talk to a client anytime and anywhere. Getting Yourself Ready for a Graphic Design Career may help you to be prepared in facing the challenges of a design business.

2. Print plenty of business cards.

Print plenty of business cards

When you have that intention of promoting your business, you have to create a business card and print lots of copies. Bring with you a couple of it so you can hand it to anyone you meet who can be a prospect client. You can also ask friends to give your business card to other people who might need your service soon.

3. Know your target.

Have a home office

Setting a clear goal would be a good guide in promoting your business. This will let you know what steps to take and where to start. Like if you are targeting schools, you have to prepare sample designs of school prints like brochures about the school, handbooks and others. You need to know what they need. Know your target really well so that you will get more chances of winning a job.

4. Be persistent.

Be persistent

In whatever you do, you have to be persistent. Even if you face difficulties or oppositions, you still have to pursue on what you intend to do. Do not be hesitant in talking about your business and about other things regarding a project. When you are presenting to a client, remain persistent on the points you want to show. When some opposition come, see to it that you will be able to handle it well and you will be able to explain everything clearly to the client.

5. Target many contacts for your email newsletter.

Target many contacts for your email newsletter

One good way to promote your design business is by having many contacts in your email newsletter. This way, many people will be informed regarding latest updates on your site. You can also easily inform them if you have certain promos and other updates on your business.

6. Meet with clients.

Meet with clients

Allocate time in meeting with clients. You can pretend to be in an area near your client and then contact your client if he has time to talk to you. That would be your chance to present your business. You can also visit your clients by requesting for a schedule of appointment in their office. This can give you a chance to promote your business.

7. Be client-focused in presentations.

Be client-focused in presentations

When you are already talking to a client regarding your business and on probable projects you can work with them, be client-focused. That means that you are always considering your clients while making sure that it will still be fair on your side. But make sure that when they transact with you, you are true to your words.

8. Be active in social media.

Be active in social media

If you want more people to notice your design business, then be active in social media. It is where most people communicate. You have more chances of being seen when you show what you can do online. Share interesting and informative stuff. You can also show some of your works through your social media accounts.

9. Keep an updated website.

Keep an updated website

Having a website is a good thing for your design business. It is one way of reaching clients around the globe. Update your website regularly. You can have one post per week if you are just new but you can increase that, too. If you do not have daily posts, see to it that you have a regular schedule for posting. Like if you post every Tuesday and Thursday, then it has to be like that. This way, your readers will know when to look at new articles from your site

10. Send mailer postcards.

Send mailer postcards

If you think using mails is no longer useful, it can still help you. Doing that means you have exerted more effort in reaching a client. They will be able to appreciate it a lot and for sure this makes it easier for them to remember you. Sending postcards can be a good thing for your business. They can even keep it and once they need design services, it is yours that will first come to their mind.

It’s Your Turn Now

Promoting a design business is challenging and fulfilling. Challenging since you have to exert effort to do it and fulfilling since you will get lasting results. There are so many ways to do that aside from those we have given you. Can you tell us how you promoted your design business? Which one did you find most effective? If you still want to improve your design business, we have some tips on How to Grow Your Graphic Design Business which you can read on.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.