Creative thinking helps a person to create new innovations and design impressive outputs. It is a process used to come up with new concepts as a result of merged ideas. One way of creative thinking is by brainstorming.

There are instances that this occurs accidentally while there are times that it occurs deliberately. It is important for designers to think creatively in order to make your designs.

But there are times that there are some hindrances for your creative thinking. You have to know these so that when it comes, it can be avoided. It is always necessary to know what you need to avoid in order for you to push through what you desire in life.

In this post, we will unveil to you the mental blocks to creative thinking which you should overcome.

Hope you will learn something from this.

1. Logical thinking.

Logical thinking

When you tend to always think logically, it hinders your innovative thinking. This happens because in logical thinking, there are certain rules of formal logic that is being followed. This can also be named as critical thinking. Logic can help one decide and solve problems but when you face reality, you have to think metaphorically. This allows us to accept that certain things are true.

2. Deny being creative.

Deny being creative

Do not be telling yourself that you are not creative. If you keep on saying this, you will believe that. Actually, creativity is found in every person. It only needs to be awakened from its deep slumber. You have to acknowledge that you are creative in order for you to apply it in your works.

3. Searching for correct answers.

Searching for correct answers

When you are in school, you are trained to always stick to the right answer to a certain question. It is applicable when you are asked by educational questions but if you get used to seeking only the one correct answer, then you might find it hard to deal with real life situations and it can also hurt your creative thinking. This happens because instead of thinking of other possible answers to a question, you only stick to what is given to you. But in truth, there are really some questions which got so many answers.

4. Too serious with work.

Too serious with work

Some people really impart that when you are working, you have to be serious and you can never associate it with having fun. Of course, that is not right. You can actually be serious and focused with work but not to the extent that you would no longer learn how to smile and you will no longer enjoy what you are doing. This causes boredom and one cannot creatively think in this case. You have to take note that creativity only comes out in a fun and lively environment because you need to be really inspired and happy.

5. The need to follow rules.

The need to follow rules

There are always rules that we need to follow. Even in designing, there are rules that prevail. You may follow it in making your designs but you should avoid this when you are conceptualizing a design. Rules tend to hinder you to think out of the box. You can actually break the lines and be creative. Remember that in order to be creative, you need to think beyond what you can see.

6. Doing away with confusion.

Doing away with confusion

You should not be afraid of confusion and unclear things. This is actually good in order to bring out creative thinking. It is natural for a person to always yearn for certainty but creative people like confusion. This allows them to innovate and to look for other new things outside the box. This is where great things came from. When one finds that something is ambiguous, he will find ways to make it clear.

7. Limited with the feasibility of a design.

Limited with the feasibility of a design

Yes, it is important that a design should be feasible but when you are just starting to think of a design, you can just sketch and think as wildly as you can. Get the best idea that you could. After spending time to let your imagination flow, you can now think if it is practical or not. Then, if it is not, you can add some elements to make it practical. If it is feasible, then good for you.

8. Limited to a specialization.

Limited to a specialization

If you will just focus on one specialization, then you really won’t be able to achieve creative thinking. Say, if you started as a logo designer, you just stop there and just be a logo designer for the rest of your life. Why don’t you go out of your comfort zone and try other things? You can also be a good t-shirt designer, poster designer, and others. Creative persons want to know everything. They want to learn so much for they believe that learning is never ending. This is the reason why graphic designers are so versatile and flexible.

9. Fear of committing mistakes.

Fear of committing mistakes

In designing, you might be afraid to commit mistakes. But you shouldn’t. It is okay to commit mistakes. No one is created perfect. If ever you are faced with the dilemma of doing a mistake, remember Thomas Edison. He was wrong for 1,800 times in inventing the light bulb but still he succeeded. You will learn from your mistakes and you will become a better person each time you learn. Try and try until you succeed!

10. Afraid to be humorous at times.

Afraid to be humorous at times

Some people think that they have to be serious in everything in order to look civilized and professional. Well, there is nothing really wrong with that but people who have this kind of personality most likely does not attract clients. They seem to look grim and snob. It is necessary to show your funny and humorous side. It doesn’t make you less of a person. It actually allows you to be happy and be given more opportunities to think creatively. When one is humorous, he has the ability to create funny things and that is being creative. If you have this kind of attitude you’ll be able to see the reality of things.

It’s Your Turn Now
No one should be afraid to be creative because there are so much advantages of being creative. Especially that you are a designer. You need to be creative in order to come up with a great design that will satisfy your clients. Now it is your turn to share your thoughts. Did you experience any of these mental blocks to creative thinking? Or did you encounter something that is not stated here? We would be glad to know your thoughts on this.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. i just read this when i had a mental drain, guess what it took me back on the track.

  2. Total agree about everyone being creative sometimes you have to believe. Then back this up with a lot of practice. No one is born able to walk and talk but we learn. Learn from others. I have been guilty of searching for the correct answer. You are right this is what is drummed into us a school. There is no one correct answer or one solution to a problem. There is opinions. And not to questions would be wrong. Great article. thanks

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