When you browse the web, for sure you will see so many websites that uses high quality colorful images. These images even makes you feel excited to view their sites and read the contents. But have you tried seeing a website that uses black and white pictures? Were you attracted to them, too? Black and white pictures in websites are being used by designers for it shines through and easily get the attention of the audience. It also gives a minimal and distinct appearance for the site.

These days, you may got used to see overdone websites with an influx of colors. But placing black and white pictures into it can give it a minimal touch that holds the viewer’s attention. Although, most of the time, it is black and white websites that uses these images. Let us try to know other reasons why using black and white pictures are good for web design. Here they are:

1. Black and white pictures give unique aesthetic.

Black and white pictures give unique aesthetic
Image: Marcin Kaniewski

Some websites use colorful images to spice up the design. But there are also websites that uses black and white pictures. It adds appeal and beauty to the website even if it is not colored. There is a unique beauty for these kinds of images where in one can see the exact details of the picture. When some images only look gorgeous because of the colors, black and white pictures can show the real genuine beauty of something. It shows that despite the absence of colors, it can still look stunning and visually impressive.

2. Implies professionalism.

Implies professionalism
Image: Leah Haggar

Black and white images can also imply professionalism. Readers could see that the website is trustworthy and legitimate with the good use of black and white images. Only few sites would have the courage to choose an image like this for some readers are not really attracted to it. But when the website is confident enough, it opts to use black and white photos along with a great layout and design. The simplicity of the look translates it to a high style.

3. Gives a classic respectful look.

Gives a classic respectful look
Image: Circus Family

Using black and white photos can also give your site a classic look. We all know that anything classic are looked up to by some people knowing that it had left something valuable to the present. If you want to have a classic touch, you can use black and white pictures.

4. Attracts readers.

Attracts readers
Image: Davroc Interiors

When your site uses colors, and you use black and white pictures for your images, it can surely get the attention of the readers. If you would like to relay a message to them through the image, for sure, you will be able to do that because black and white pictures can attract the eyes easily.

5. Arise curiosity.

Arise curiosity
Image: Sexy Social Media

When you use black and white images, the audience tends to be curios on why you have chosen to use such. This will encourage them to look deeper into the website. They will try to know the real story behind the image. This way, you have succeeded to hook them into your site.

6. Relays a message without distractions.

Relays a message without distractions
By: cassius.com.au

Since black and white pictures are simple, it lessens distractions. Message is made even clearer because of this. One could also immediately get the information with the use of an image that directs the eyes of the readers to it.

7. Gives a minimal look.

Gives a minimal look
Image: Multitouch Barcelona

Instead of heavy colors, you can attain a minimal look by using black and white pictures. Your web design could use minimal layout and colors. A black and white image can be opted for this. Some sites also are very colorful in its design and use a distinct layout. Using a black and white picture can pacify the heavy look and add a minimal touch to it.

8. Leads readers to the contents.

Leads readers to the contents
Image: London Creative Portfolio

The placement of your black and white image can also matter in leading the eyes of the readers. The contents are more important that is why the design should be able to aid the readers find what they wanted to know.

9. It lets your images pop.

It lets your images pop
Image: Joystick Generals

If you have a photography website or other sites where in you intend to showcase some products you can use black and white images in your homepage. This way, the audience can see the real beauty of whatever you want to showcase because in black and white pictures, every detail is seen and nothing is enhanced just due to colors.

10. Gives a sophisticated look.

Gives a sophisticated look
Image: Marc Ecko

Aside from a classic and minimal touch, your website will also look sophisticated, elegant and alluring. Along with whatever website color you use, black and white pictures will surely give you the look you want.

It’s Your Turn Now

Using black and white pictures for your website is indeed one smart way of giving it a unique touch and a sophisticated feel. It can also give a different impact to the readers, thus, attracting them to read your site. The different shades and contrast that black and white pictures can give also makes your site look more appealing. Have you come across sites that use these kinds of images? Tell us the impression it had on you.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Create a site (in special way if you are a designer or photographer) using color black and white you can create a work distinct and elegant in the same time. For my next site I will study a style a little bit sophisticated and minimal. No much colour..maybe in the rollover images. I started from this post for the concept! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah. interesting post. I do think if you’re using black and white you should definitely try using a ‘key’ colour so that you can bring attention to certain parts of your website. For example, the purple in number 6.

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