Using call to action certainly helps you a lot in promoting your site and in guiding your visitors to where you want to bring them. When used in the right manner, you will surely have an effective promotion and marketing. A call to action is considered one of the best ways in leading your website to success. It is also the best tool in getting the attention of the users and encouraging them to do some actions that would benefit your site.

But your call to action won’t really be effective if you are unable to use it in places where it can get more views from your prospect audience. In today’s post, we will show you where else you could place your call to action aside from your own website. Here are 11 conspicuous locations to place your call to action.

1. Your blog.

Your blog
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Blogs are important in generating content and user interest. Since this is your own site, it is important that you will be able to encourage people to perform some action that would benefit both of you. Place a call to action in your sidebar and have it in every page, too. Some even include a call to action within the body of their blog. But that would be a bit distracting for the readers. Having it in the sidebar or on top of the page would be enough.

2. Your website pages.

Your website pages
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Of course, your website should have a call to action in every page. Align it with the content of the pages. Having a call to action in every page will give you the assurance that you will be able to lead them where you want them to be. You can also easily promote your products and services through it.

3. Your email signature.

Your email signature
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When you send emails to people, you can also do some marketing by including a call to action in your signature. We will never know, you will be able to encourage a curious mind to visit your site and avail of what you can offer them. Just be sure that it is enticing and would really get the attention of those receiving your emails.

4. Your email marketing.

Your email marketing

For sure, you will have a newsletter that could be sent to your readers every time you have new posts and updates. Place a call to action in your emails in order for your subscribers to get more information regarding your post. Provide an option for them to read more about the topic and see the rest of the contents. This way, they will surely come visit your site. Just make sure that it is inviting and attractive.

5. Your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page
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Instead of using your Facebook account for mere socializing, you can also create an account to help promote your website. Include a call to action in your page. You can look for some applications that can help you produce a call to action. Let that call to action lead to your page or let them avail of some offers from you.

6. Your Twitter page.

Your Twitter page
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You can place a call to action to the background page of your Twitter account by including a short URL in the design. Aside from that, you can place a link in your bio that would bring them to your website. Your tweets can also serve as calls to action for your followers to click.

7. Your LinkedIn company page.

Your LinkedIn company page
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You can also insert calls to action in the form of a text in your LinkedIn Company Page. Add some calls to action in your products tab. Also, include it when you answer questions in LinkedIn Answers through a webinar. You can even have it on your downloadable eBooks.

8. Your Google + Page.

Your videos

If you have a page in Google+, you can also have a call to action by sharing to your circles your site and by encouraging them to join your circle. You can place your call to action in your stream so that people can view it. Place a link leading to your site where there is another call to action which can tell the visitors what to do next.

9. Your eBooks.

Your eBooks
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After a subscriber has downloaded your eBook, it doesn’t end there, you should still be able to encourage them to know more about your site and avail of other stuff. You can urge them to read more contents or purchase a particular product. Include this within your body or at the end of it.

10. Your free tools.

Your free tools
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If you have free online tools as part of your marketing strategy, you should also include a call to action in it. At least by doing that, you can let them see that there is still more than just the free tools they have downloaded.

11. Your videos.

Your videos

When you create videos, make sure to include your call to action but make it simple and short. Place a call to action in the video’s description. This way, you can allow your visitors to see your site and learn what it really is.

It’s Your Turn Now

Now that you are aware on these locations, you can now make use of your call to action in these areas in order for you to have more effective promotion. Do you think we missed something here? Feel free to write it down in our comment section so that we will know where else can we place a call to action other than those mentioned.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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