Surely, you are familiar with the Decepticons, or the evil villains in the movie “Transformers“. They have consistently starred in all the movie franchise and were also featured in the original version of the comic series of the same title. One of the most prominent characters in the series is Megatron, the evil leader of the Decepticons. Following Megatron’s infamous character, designers have illustrated Megatron in various poses. The images created stresses out some of the character’s multiple personality.

This next post is a showcase of some of the inspiring and amazing Megatron Artworks created by some of the most talented designers. Browse through this collection and you may be amazed at how Megatron’s personality has been interpreted. Sit back and enjoy the great collection!!!


This Megatron image gives us the idea that he likes hellish war.
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CCE Megatron

cce megatron
A piece witch was done as an ad piece for the 2008 calgary Expo last 2008.
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Megatron PWNS Bay’s Megatron

megatron pwns
Amazing image of classic Megatron holding Michael Bay’s Megatron version .
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Beast Wars Megatron

beast wars megatron
A Beast Wars Megatron image.
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Megatron 2

megatron 2
Transformers G1 in which you can’t deprive Megatron for his freedom.
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Megatron 3

megatron 3
A cool artwork image of Megatron.
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Megatron 4

megatron 4
The movie version of Megatron is what this image portrays.
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Megatron Colours

megatron colours
An awesome, big bad Megatron that looks as if he is pissed about something.
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Megatron vs Cy Kill

megatron vs cy kill
Decent outline of Megatron.
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Best of Megatron IDW

best of megatron
Cover for the “Best of Megatron” trade paperback, which is related to “Best of Optimus Prime”.
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Megatron Zombie Sketch

megatron zombie sketch
IDW INFESTATION sketchbook version of Megatron Zombie.
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megatron 5
A colored Megatronversion in a different concept of illustration.
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Megatron Beckons

megatron beckons
A clean illustration of Megatron with a light shining on his steel body.
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Megatron Origin

megatron origin
Solemn looking Megatron.
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TFCx Movie Megatron

movie megatron
Vicious looking Megatron from the movie version.
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Megatron in Colour

megatron in colour
In this Megatron version image, classic colours were used.
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IDWs Megatron Coloring Comp

idws megatron coloring
Fighting Megatron blasting his canon.
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Megatron Scrap

megatron scrap
An almost Megatron look-a-like inspired by the movie Tron Legacy.
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Megatron Woopin Ass

megatron woopin ass
Megatron with his rivals, the Autobots.
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Origin Megatron

origin megatron
Upgraded Megatron concept.
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Megatron Decepticon Leader

megatron decepticon leader
Megatron is the strongest among all the other Decepticon warriors.
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War Within Megatron

war within megatron
Megatron wins the battle.
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Victory for Megatron and the Decepticons.
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Transformers Energon Megatron

transformers energon megatron
Amazing color for Megatron.
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1db Colors WW Megatron

ww megatron
Megatron: A Decepticon Warrior.
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Andy Wildman Megatron

andy wildman megatron
An almost sketch-like image of Megatron.
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Megatron Origins

megatron origins
Here is another colored version of Megatron with splashing decepticon trademark.
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Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. Great post, thanks for gathering these all up! However, I think the one under “All Hail Megatron” isn’t actually Megs, it’s the cover of a book with his name. I believe the bot’s name is Drift, and he’s an Autobot.

    1. Ops. Didn’t notice it earlier. He’s an autobot. lol :D. fixed btw. thanks Matt.

  2. on the cartoon one, I think the old megatron better cause it really clear how he look like, the cartoon megatron movie version look complicated,

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