You may notice the last few days I made some list of free texture resources. And as a continuation of gathering some High Quality Textures on the internet, Here is another textures which I can say very useful  when it comes in creating a  grunge concept of design. So here is a list of 60+ Hand-Picked Extremely Useful Free Concrete Texture Backgrounds. These are some of the best Concrete Texture you could ever find. As always its free however make sure to check some agreements and conditions from the owners of this textures. Also try to check 200+ Ultimate Free High Quality Wood Textures and 200+ High Quality Free Paper Textures to Grab for more texture resources.


Source :Flickr


Source : jaqx-textures

concrete texture free

Source : Bad Concrete

concrete wall texture

Source : Concrete Wall Texture


Source : flickr

concrete texture high def

Source : HQ Concrete Texture


Source : flickr


Source : Flickr

free concrete texture

Source : mah concrete roof

brown concrete texture

Source : Brown Wall Texture


Source : flickr

concrete textures free

Source : Concrete Texture

dirty concrete texture

Source : concrete decay texture 3b


Source : Flickr

stone concrete texture

Source : Concrete and stone texture 2

grunge concrete texture

Source : concrete texture 01.1


Source : Flickr

texture wall grunge

Source : Texture 101


Source : sxc

cracked concrete texture

Source : Cracked Granite Rock Texture

concrete wall texture

Source : Concrete Wall 1

stained wall texture

Source : concrete texture white


Source : flickr

blue concrete texture

Source : concrete texture blue


Source : urbandirty


Source : flickr

smeared concrete texture

Source : Smeared concrete 3

white concrete texture

Source : Concrete Wall 3


Souce : Flickr


Source : urbandirty

red concrete texture

Source : Concrete Texture Thing

cool concrete texture

Source : Concrete Texture

plank concrete texture

Source : Concrete Texture – 8


Source: Flickr

grungy concrete wall

Source : Concrete Texture

retro grunge concrete texture

Source : Concrete Basement Wall Texture

yellow concrete texture

Source : P. Jackson Texture Stock

finished concrete texture

Source : Concrete Texture II


Source : Flickr

concrete glue texture

Source : concrete glue texture 01


Source : urbandirty

seamless texture complete

Source : Seamless concrete

scary concrete texture

Source :Pitted Concrete Texture

concrete wall

Source : Concrete 5


Source : Flickr

marbled concrete texture

Source : Marbled Concrete Texture

colored concrete texture

Source : NM Texture 31

crack concrete texture

Source : Concrete Texture Unprocessed

fractal concrete texture

Source : Concrete Fractal texture


Source : urbandirty

concrete texture seamless

Source : Seamless Concrete Texture


Source : flickr

light concrete wall

Source : Concrete Texture – 16


Source : urbandirty


Source : Flickr

concrete cracked free

Source : Concrete cracked


Source: flickr


Source : flickr


Source : Flickr

concrete texture yellow

Source : Concrete Texture


Source : urbandirty

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. Nice collection. Bookmarked for future ref.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Very nice textures. A link to, or basic tutorial on tiling with Photoshop or JASC etc. would be useful to many users. Nevertheless this an excellent resource.

  3. thanks for such a huge collection…
    Im looking forward to using them..
    thanks again!!

  4. Once again I have lost yet another entire afternoon. LOL Thanks for the great resources. I come here and click on this and that and, before I know it, I am way out there in cyber land. LOL I look forward to your e-mails. I know I am in for a real visual treat. Thanks for all you do.


  5. great textures. they are nice and close up. I think you need to get really close to really see the texture quality.

  6. Great collection of concrete and stone textures, Awesome stuff!!!

  7. Awesome collection of textures, can’t wait to try some out!!


  8. nice collection. i would love to use one to design a business card for a construction company. would be innovative.

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