In every career and in every business, everyone would like to do more and still live their lives the way they want it. Even graphic designers want it this way. You would like to work but still have time to play basketball or watch your favorite movie or merely stroll at the beach. To make it simpler, in order to fit everything in one box, you would like to do more by working less.

It might sound impossible but it is actually possible. This requires effort and the right attitude in order for you to achieve your goal of being productive by doing less. Of course, quality of work will never be sacrificed. Some designers are good at this. They can manage to have a lot of time to relax for they are good in time management and project management. Not all of us have the same abilities but maybe, we can give it a try. In this post, we will give you some tips on how you can accomplish more by doing less.

1. Know your purpose and love your work.

know your purpose and love your work
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Before you start working, you need to determine your purpose. Know what is really important for you. Look into yourself and figure out your passion. Use that passion to help other people while you earn. You have to love what you do and you need to know your priorities. If you have your heart into something, you will just be amazed that you have actually done some “work” after you have accomplished it for you had much fun while working. So, the real secret to be able to accomplish a lot is to love what you are doing.

2. Be positive.

Be positive
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Always be positive in everything you do. Avoid doing things that is not effective. If you think you cannot work on something, do not be frustrated at once, ask help from others and learn from them. You will just waste your time muttering on things which cannot be done. Being positive helps you to work easier. It will even give you better results.

3. Do not waste time.

Do not waste time
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This is a big no no. If you really want to do accomplish a lot, avoid wasting your time. Avoid using the internet for activities that are not important like chatting with friends. Do not allow any distractions for this eats up most of your time like telephone calls that are not important. If you have made a task list, make sure to follow it so you could finish a lot of things in a day. But do not forget to take breaks once in a while; just don’t make it too long. A 5 -15 minutes break will do.

4. Always be organized.

Always be organized
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If things are in its proper places, you won’t find it hard to look for them when need to use them. Make sure your files are intact so that you won’t waste time in scanning a lot of folders. Use file names that are easy for you to determine which is which. Aside from that, your workplace should be well arranged and neat. A disorganized workplace will just add stress to you and you will not be able to work well if you do not have a good environment.

5. Do not procrastinate.

Do not procrastinate
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Avoid delaying anything. Usually, when someone procrastinate, the more important things are set aside while the less important ones are done first. Avoid that kind of attitude. Know your priorities and work on them at once. Do not do things tomorrow the things that you can do today. Procrastination is not good especially when you have lots of projects to do.

6. Stay focused.

Stay focused
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Focus on your work. Do not allow anyone or anything to divert your attention to something. Like what I mentioned in number 3, do not chat with friends in the internet. Stay off line so that your attention will focus in your work. If you will not allow distractions, there is a great chance that you will not lose your ideas and you will finish your work on time. A good worker stays focused all the time.

7. Learn to balance.

Learn to balance
Image: ko3er

Balance everything. Do not just spend time doing work. Take time to relax, rest, go to the gym, spend time with friends, watch a movie, go shopping, swim at the beach, walk in the park, and do anything that could balance your lifestyle. Also, do not forget to stay healthy. Eat the right food, drink plenty of water, have enough sleep, take some vitamins if necessary and exercise. Life isn’t about work all the time. It is about living a fulfilled life by learning to balance things that are important to you.

8. Always check your computers.

Always check your computers
Image: JasonTromm

One reason for delay is when your computer won’t work properly. To avoid this, check your computer all the time. Make sure your software is updated and your hardware is in good condition. Do not allow these stuff to ruin your schedule and your work. Remember that you are in control. If these things fail, it is actually you who failed. Computers do not control designers, designers control them.

9. Spend time with others.

Spend time with others
Image: anxiouslyengaged

Build good relationships with people both online and offline. Spend time with your circle of friends so that you could relax and unwind. For sure you’ll get a good laugh when you are with them. Also, spend time with your family and other relatives. You can even go out with your special someone. You will be more inspired to see the smiles of your loved ones. This will keep you going and will help you perform better in your work. You’ll definitely do less yet accomplish more if you are in a good mood.

10. Multitask.

Image: hikabu

Some people are good multi-taskers while others are not. The good ones can do a lot of things at the same time, yet maintaining good quality while others cannot maintain the quality of their work if they do things at the same time. Well, if you multitask, make sure that your output is good. Multitasking doesn’t really mean that you will design two major projects at the same time. An example of multitasking is while you are designing something, you are downloading some images or fonts needed for your next design. There are many ways to multitask, just be sure it is effective for you.

It may sound “lazy” for some when you say you would like to work less and accomplish more. But it is not. This means you are being intelligent in doing your job. You are still giving your best, you are still making great designs but you are working on it with lesser time and lesser effort. When you love what you are doing and you have a positive outlook in life, the things you do seem effortless. That is one secret to achieve this goal.

Well, everyone would really love to achieve this even if it is not easy. Why don’t you give it a try? If you are already doing this, can you share to us how you were able to achieve it? It will be a great help to other readers.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Very good post! I would be cautious with Multi-tasking, and might term your description as “Smart-tasking.” Too often, people interpret multi-tasking as trying to stay on top of email, social sites, etc. while working on their projects — a quick route to being inefficient and scattered.

    Thanks for a good read.

    1. hi Marie! That is a good point. Smart-tasking is better because some people do some unnecessary things as part of multitasking. So, smart-tasking would mean that you would only do things that are relevant and not merely use social media sites while working. Thanks for the input!

  2. This e-mail has distracted me from my work ha ha..

  3. Trying to stay positive is definitely one of the hardest for most people. Active multitasking might actually hinder progress and productivity in the long run, if you’re trying to work on two tasks at the same time, but small things like downloading fonts is probably fine! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree with you Grace. Staying positive is sometimes hard but you’ll find it truly beneficial to be optimistic in everything you do. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I suck at multitask, because I find myself doing something unnecessary after 2 hours later… Like now. I got home at 5. I done nothing but play around somehow; and, worst yet, I don’t remember how!!


    1. @51 Website Design. There are people who have mastered the art of multitasking. You could do that, too! You just need to make sure you will be doing important things so you won’t waste time. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. I wish there was a magic formula for distinguishing what is ‘smart’ and what is not. LOL I have a hard time deciding what needs my attention the most. Perhaps, I need to weed out what I feel is important.
    Thank you for the insight and to the other commenting readers, too. Ya’ll make good points!

  6. Thanks Kareen Liez… All your post are very inspiring. Keep up the good work…

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