6 Tips on how to Make a Good Logo

Logo is an important element in a company or in a website. It’s where people recognize the quality, identity or judge a particular Website or a Company and even other non-commercial entities. If you're a graphic designer and planning to enter the logo design career, Here are 6 Tips to take note on how you can improve your skill and the quality in making a Logo.

h2>1. Choose a Good Font

Font has a very essential role on a logo. It is even one of the most important thing coz how will you recognize if you don’t know what’s the name of that particular company. It’s where people can identify what’s the brand is really all about. Choosing the right font is not hard as you think as long as you know where to find one. There are plenty of sites where you can find a free good fonts so grab the opportunity.

2. Use the Right Image or Concept

Providing an image can give an impact on the logo. It can be a mascot or some related image that will represent a company or a website. Try to make some image that can support the font or the text on the logo or even if without the name of the company name it can still stand on its own.

3. Use the Right Color Combination

Color is a one factor that attracts people’s attention. Think about there’s no color surrounds you. Life is boring right? It's much the same on logo, without color your design is dull and boring. Try to use some attractive colors. And avoid using too many colors. 4 below should be fine.
Check this site www.kuler.adobe.com and www.colorcombo.com. It will really help improve your color combination skill.

4. Simplicity

Simplicity of a logo is much more recognizable. It doesn’t need to have more decoration or else it will just look the logo too busy and complicated. Try to keep it organize or maybe less images unless it’s not necessary.

5. Always Start with High Resolution Document

I recommend you to use high resolution in starting doing a logo whether if you're using Photoshop Or Illustrator. You can use 2000px x 2000px or higher with 300dpi. I myself mostly use that size. But sometimes it depends on the size of the logo which a client required. What you need to do is for example you want to make in 400px X 100px size. Then open 2000px X 500px in 300dpi.and when it’s done just adjust the image size to 400px x 100px. The advantage on this procedure is that you can still preserve the quality of the logo you made even if it has been resized to a smaller image.

6. Be Creative

Indeed, the Most and very important, Talking about creativity it’s a common sense. You can’t make a better logo design if you don’t apply your creativeness. Maybe try to play on the fonts or in the image that you will put on the logo. There’s no limit on creativity as long as you’re doing it right but never get out from the concept. Like if the concept is all about a tree company, don’t just make a triangular shape that more looks like a mountain. It may sound stupid but yes some are doing it.

So, are you applying these tips too?

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