Photography: Fantastic Cosplay Photos


Costume play or “Cosplay” is a type of performance art wherein the participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character which is often drawn from popular fiction in Japan. Artists everywhere delights in the creativeness of the model in portraying their selected character. With several creative props and costumes, a stunning character is made into being…

In this next post, we showcase a Fantastic Cosplay Photos of several well-known characters in Japan fiction. The list is composed 33 photos as captured by talented photographers. Feel free to check out this amazing list and be amazed at the picture perfect poses initiated by the subject… Have fun!!!

Kurosaki Ichigo

kurosaki ichigo cosplay

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Cosplay – Miku

cosplay miko

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Watching the sunset

watching the sunset cosplay

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of Betrayal

of betrayal

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Bleach Cosplay: Hitsugaya

bleach cosplay

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WitchBlade Amaha Masane

witchblade amaha masane

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Cosplay – Itsuki Minami

cosplay itsuki minami

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Atori Mahiro Cosplay

atori mahiro cosplay

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Yami Cosplay: finished

yami cosplay finished

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CosPlay Girl 5

cosplay art

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Angel Sanctuary: Cosplay 6

angel sanctuary cosplay

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Cloud – Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

cloud kingdom hearts cosplay

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Rei Cosplay

cosplay photo

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I Left My Name Behind

left name behind

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Riku Cosplay – Sans Blindfold

cosplay blindfold

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Cosplay – Waiting for you

cospaly waiting for you

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Allen and Lavi Cosplay

allen and lavi cosplay

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Street Fighter Cosplay 1

street fighter cosplay

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Cosplay – Grace

cosplay grace

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Lost in Memory

lost in memory

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Ragnarok Cosplay

cosplay photo

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Cosplay character

cool cosplay photography

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nice cosplay photo

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The Pending Fate

cosplay fate

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FFvXIII – Crystal Fantasia

crystal fantasia

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Ed Elric – On my way

cosplay on my way

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Tellus Dormit

cute cosplay photo

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cool cosplay

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Cosplay – DJ Tekka

cosplay dj

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Pita Ten cosplay

ten cosplay

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Grell: Butler of Death

butler of death cosplay

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For a Memory

memory cosplay

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  • Ashley Seto

    Nice collection of photos. I’m always amazed at how good some of these are.

  • Bella

    Great photo’s i adore them!

  • Sidharth

    Hey, First off, great post! Here are a few things you can add. The Image of an assasin with the fox mask is actually a Gillotine Cross from Ragnarok. Also the Watching the sunset cosplay is from InuYasha anime. Great collection!!!

    • Black

      the guy with the mask is from “Darker than Black” anime… ^^V

  • bubot

    only one word for u
    COOOL ^_^

  • dblchin

    I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! Thanks a gazillion for sharing them NAldz! The pics are so vibrant n Costumes are nice!
    Everything is purrfect!

  • Ronald Bien

    Thanks for the comments guys :) I’m glad you like this inspirational post.

    @ Sidharth Yah i guess so. renewal rocks :)

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  • cheapwiigames

    Cool Pic!!!!

  • Beth McLain | Web Designer

    Absolutely wonderful shots. Excellent Work.
    I like the Pita Ten cosplay very much..

  • Matt Bamberg

    Amazing photos. You’ve created very compelling backgrounds.

  • Andy Sowards

    OMG These are AWESOME! Great post Ronald!!

    I am a huge anime fan so these really made my day – Wish it was halloween!!! lol

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  • Dicky

    Yo, most of them are girls. :P

    Personally i like FFvXIII – Crystal Fantasia, especially the water effect. Wa haha!

  • YokoAyane

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!for choosing my pictures ^^

  • bigjobsboard

    Wow. Sakura’s really cute! LOL. Thanks for sharing this photo collection. Cosplay is really cool! I really wish I could get one of those costumes!

  • Ronald Bien

    I wonder if you guys want another round of these?.lol

    @YokoAyane I <3 your pix ;)

  • BigM75

    i love that, cool

  • Malindachan

    oh wow, so I found a link to this from someone I follow on twitter, and I saw a photo of one of my older cosplays XD (I’m the Yami Yugi from YU-GI-OH!)

    I’m glad you like it, and my friend will be very pleased to hear that you selected a photo she took :3

  • Marci Betker

    Interesting article, I am now a subscriber!

  • noscam

    these people really cool. I love these pictures.

  • Ryan Haylett

    Amazing how some of these people look like plastic XD

    Great photos, talented cosplayers.

  • Jessica

    Very nice, cosplay in a design blog? I’ve totally found a new home :). Seeing great photographers mix with something as colourful and screaming of creativity as cosplay is always a great treat. Some of these fall into the category of “well-taken shot” but there are truly some exceptional pieces in this collection that beg the word “WOW”. I’ve seen graphic designers do some nice tricks to their galleries, but some of the simpler photos here with excellent poses stick out for me. The ring of water is particularly impressive, and I love the Sakura :)

  • Cha

    I heart cosplay. I wish I have a chance to go to JP this spring time. :)

  • kuroi_kenshi


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  • Glamour

    Where did the author get his info? CosPlay has been around for a LONG time – way before Japanimation characters were all the rage.

  • renz

    i wanna join in the cosplay!

  • ali

    oh my god

    they are so good !

  • mashi

    nice costume…….. more power

  • ryzhelmariebautista

    i love this cos play they are so beautiful………

  • ruciemacanit

    nice tlagah……..over i lyk it yeah………….

  • samer 1999

    great its amazed pic >>>>>>man we want more of it