Despite in today’s tech world where paperless transactions are being promoted, business cards have still stood strong in time. The reason may not be in tradition but rather on how it still brings value in networking with people.

The beauty of this little card is you can promote yourself or your company anywhere you may go, from business meetings to reunions, business cards are still great tools to use.

As effective as they are, they can still be improved further by making sure that their design radiates good impressions and easy to remember as well.

For this post, we share to you great examples of business card designs that use stripes. These cards vary in style and colors so be sure to check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy your browse.


This first feature shows a vibrant example of a striped business card with various colors.
colorful business card


This business card is for a Greek restaurant. It has a clean information side and stripes on the other, which represent the Greece flag.
restaurant business card


This one was made for a window cleaning service. Its strip lines design depicts a clean glass on windows.
cleaning service line design

Cait Diagonal

Here the card has diagonal stripes where the information is placed.
diagonal stripe business card


This business card is sure to get attention with its vibrant vertical stripes.
striped business card


Here you have a simple square business card with a colorful background stripes design.
square business card

Atelier SVG

This design utilizes a background with thin stripes while the information is inside a “spotlight” circle.
thin stripe design

Rainbow Typography

This design creates two sets of rainbow stripes, which appear as a section of colors in an opposite manner.
rainbow color style

Simply Colors

This business card uses stripes background with pastel colors. The portrait version has vertical stripes while the landscape version has diagonal stripes.
pastel stripe colors

Blue Background

Here the stripes are used more of an accent to the whole design. It is made more interesting with triangular patterns.
blue business cards

The Boutique

The Boutique has a clean and elegant look that uses a black & white design.
black white stripes

Clean Elegant

The stripes at the bottom and the top is colored with a neon light blue that makes the entire card stands out.
neon blue stripe


HLHL uses a set of yellow diagonal stripes to put some style to a clean business card.
yellow stripes business card

Gourmet Hot Dog

The use of color, stripes and texture paired with the logo give this business card a classic look.
rustic b-card design


Cipela’s business card has a grey stripes on its background.
clean stripe style

Too Undo

Too Undo applies texture to its business card as well as stripes that ultimately shows a gradient color.
gradient stripe background


The blue and yellow stripe gives depth to the whole design of the card.
name card design

Color Stripes

This simple card also mixes colorful stripes to spice things up. Also, this template is free to be downloaded.
colored stripes clean

Beaty Salon

This business card of a beauty salon has a stylish look with its diagonal black & white stripe background.
black white stripes


Here the black stripes starts thin from the top and progress in thickness as they go down.
stripe progression style

Blue Bar Technology

This eye catching business card design is ideal for the technology/computer field. Its design uses stripes with a lighter shade of blue and a 3D look.
3d ribbon style

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Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.