Logo Design Inspiration: 30+ Cool Photography Logos


With the numerous articles that had been posted in this blog, one of the most frequent topic that we have posted about is on the different photography techniques and style… Now, once you’re done with your collection- that is, mastered the various technique that we have featured- the next step will be to create a name for your collection, or maybe thinking of opening your own photo studio. For logo designers, having a brownout of ideas is a pain especially when creating logo design. But with a dose of inspiration, this may help enhancing idea, starting to conceptualize and make a better design.

This next post will now be handy in promoting and create a brand… We have compiled 30+ Cool Photography Themed Logos that opts to inspire you and give you ideas of the appropriate logo to represent your artwork… Feel free to check out this collection and get inspired as we take you to a glimpse of cool photographer logo examples… Have fun!!!

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30 Cool Photography Themed Logos

say cheese photography

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tanith oram photography

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logo design photofly

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cool photo logo

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logan photography

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awesome photo logo

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great photo logo

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hello foto

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terrific photograph logo

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nice photo logo

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cute photo logo

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cool photograph logo

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astonishing photo logo

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must-see photo logo

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awesome photograph logo

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really cool photo logo

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new photo logo

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cool new photo logo

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amazing photo logo

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lovely photo logo

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fantastic photo logo

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perfect photo logo

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really great photo logo design

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perfect and nice photo logo

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new and awesome photo logo

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cool and cute photo logo

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great photo logo

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astonishing logo design

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wild eye photography

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camora photography

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cool logo design

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  • Aadil Aijaz

    That’s a very nice post. I really love the “Say Cheese” and “Photocarrier” logos.

  • wafawj

    Nice and creative :), I like the shutterbug nice.

  • Gyrel

    Great collection thanks a bunch! I’ve been waiting for a post like this.

  • Ben

    Nice collection, really like photo carrier

  • Luiza

    the ballon holding a camera is the same in two logos. lame.

    other than that, really nice logos :)

  • Eko

    Creative and very inspiring logo design, thanks for the collection.

  • gopalb

    nice collection…

  • Behzad

    I think doing a photography logo is very challenging without it looking cliche or similar to all the other ones out there.

  • Andre

    The Photofly and Photoballoon are very similars, but not identicals. Strange!

  • Peter

    Interesting collection, my favourite has to be the “shootmydog” logo. I like the way it blends the person with camera to make the dog.

  • Mike Magan

    The similarity between Photoballoon and Photofly ought to stir things up between the two!

  • mark

    is photofly and photo balloon for the same company?

  • antara

    photofly & photo ballon are done by the same designer, maybe that’s where the similarity lies ;) But on the whole another nice collection for our inspiration…. my fav picks are ‘weddring’ and ‘portraitphotos’

  • Dzinepress

    cool logos.

  • MBO

    excellent work of art! two thumbs up!

  • TheShadow

    very nice those logos.brilliant ideas

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  • acetato

    Incredibly good one !

  • smartuts

    nice collection..give me some idea

  • seekone

    Hey, somebody is stealing these logo. Here is his profile on facebook.

    Maaaan, that’s SAD!

  • http://sivakumarjack sivakumar

    i best logos

  • Tezzeret

    Thanks for bringing this up.. it serves as a very nice logo inspiration.

  • amr

    i need a design


    any idea ??

  • Kenneth Chan

    Cool logos! I need to get one for my photography business too. =]

  • saurabh jaiswal

    Just got to know that my logo is featured here Photo Carrier one. Thanks for that but why you guys won’t inform designers who’s work you showcase to get pageviews & likes.

    Any answers.

  • Erick Michael

    Nice Logo’s


    Erick Michael

  • zozo