40 Inspiring Designs of Cat Logos

The cat is a playful and adorable animal and is generally very close to humans, next to the dogs. Even dog lovers will have to admit that cats have a natural beauty and grace. They can easily be trained due to their unusual ability of understanding and learning. They are considered by many as one of the most loyal pets. Cats are easy to maintain and can easily adapt to different environments. One reason why cats are very popular in logo designing is that the cat is one of the two easily recognizable animals that are commonly found around the world. Also, they look almost the same everywhere. Companies always want to create emblems with images that the customer can easily recognize with. Because cats are popular choice of house pets, making them a choice for emblems would create a big impact.

Here are the 40 Inspiring Designs of Cat Logo that were professionally designed to inspire you. Take a look at how these cute and adorable animals make a good element in a logo design. Enjoy!

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Secret Cat Society Logo

Secret Cat Society Logo
Designed by: Eagle Imagery
A catchy icon based logo design.
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Kitty Joy

Kitty Joy logo
Designed by: ancitis
A logo design concept that was not used yet.
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CAT logo
Designed by: Peter Vasvari
A simple logo design inspired by a cat.
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Cap Sante Yacht Sales

Cap Sante Yacht Sales logo
Designed by: Nick Hood
A logo design of a cat in a sea scape with a yacht and is perfect for a yacht broker.
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B.A.S.T. Logo

B.A.S.T. Logo
Designed by: GoddessYsaria
A logo design that was created for a dance company.
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Gatto Picante

Gatto Picante logo
Designed by: michaelspitz
Another well-designed logo inspired by a cat.
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Sketchy Cat Creative

Sketchy Cat Creative logo
Designed by: grabbdesigns
A mark designed for a fictional design company.
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C.A.T. logo
Designed by: Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
A logo design which won a Silver Award in the Summit Creative Awards and was featured in the books "Killed Ideas, Vol. 1", "Designing for the Greater Good," and "Letterhead and Logo Design 11."
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FatCat Coffee

fatcat coffee logo
Designed by: gphoto
Another good-looking cat logo design.
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Black Cat

black cat logo
Designed by: Peter Vasvari
A logo designed for a production company (TV Design) located in Turkey.
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MIAU Booking & Events

MIAU Booking & Events logo
Designed by: alexcioflica
A logo design created for a local booking agency named MIAU Booking & Events.
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CopyCat Printing

CopyCat Printing logo
Designed by: Daniel Evans
A mark suitable for a printing company.
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Curious Cat

Curious Cat logo
Designed by: shoxMeister
A fun and clever logo design that is suitable for an entertainment and media company.
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Fat Cat Burgers

Fat Cat Burgers logo
Designed by: felro
A logo design created for Fat Cat Burgers.
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Mrs Kitty

Mrs Kitty logo
Designed by: filipowski
A cute and sexy logo of a female cat.
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Gato Tinto - Cafe

Gato Tinto - Cafe logo
Designed by: chapulincubano
Logo design perfect for a coffee shop.
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Banjo Cat

Banjo Cat logo
Designed by: randyheil
Logo design suitable for a video production company.
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FT home

FT home logo
Designed by: knyazev
A logo designed for a home provider.
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Skeezos logo
Designed by: ideoma
A logo designed for a pop band named Skeezos.
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Catatonic logo
Designed by: QM4
A logo designed for a Flavored Cat water.
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Silverline Login Logo

Silverline login logo
Designed by: Ly-Metall
A logo design of a cat with a glass effect.
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Hvoost 2

Hvoost 2 logo
Designed by: ArtDemix
A logo design that is suitable for a zoo online shop.
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Ana Zambelli

Ana Zambelli logo
Designed by: joselego
A logo which is composed of a cat and a red pepper which was a mark designed for a Chef.
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Major logo
Designed by: alexmark
A logo design suitable for a karaoke-club.
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Emusklep logo
Designed by: alekchmura.com
A mark suitable for a pet store.
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Cat Icon

Cat Icon
Designed by: jgarnerdesign
A variation of the Shadowcat Records mark.
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Evil Cat

Evil Cat logo
Designed by: bubuland
A logo designed by a student for a horror/thriller film production company.
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Fierce Cat

Fierce Cat logo
Designed by: tl0928
A logo design which can be used for anything.
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Sharquette logo
Designed by: Type and Signs
A logo design concept for a bar in Hamburg.
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Lynx Mortgage

Lynx Mortgage logo
Designed by: Comatoast
A logo design created for a mortgage company.
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nitymiu logo
Designed by: Misona
Another cat logo.
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Orange Cat

Orange Cat logo
Designed by: grabarz
The designer's new logo.
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RUBY logo
Designed by: aurelplouf
A logo design inspired by the designer's cat.
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Curly Cat

Curly Cat logo
Designed by: fourplus
A logo designed for a small event studio working mainly on children charity projects located in Sofia/Bulgaria.
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Catflower logo
Designed by: Inkwill Design
A logo which is composed of nine lives, nine petals and nine letters.
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Beli the Cat

Beli the Cat logo
Designed by: Silmariena
Another cat logo design.
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HJ Mews

HJ Mews logo
Designed by: hjmews
A logo design created for an online retailer HJ Mews.
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Golden Soft

golden soft logo
Designed by: serjio7777
A logo design created for a british shorthair cattery.
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BumpCash Logo

BumpCash logo
Designed by: lazza
A logo designed for an adult affiliate program.
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Red Cat

Red Cat logo
Designed by: Zelensky art
A logo design suitable for a photo studio.
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