50 Creative and Funny Print Ads Around the Globe

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) either to take some action, purchase a product or select an item... Companies today are into creating print ads to promote items. The more creative the ad is, the greater the chance of being noticed by the public....

To illustrate some cool print ads distributed in the web today, we have compiled 50 Creative Print Ads to help you visualize . Funny and entertaining images are showcased below and will also make you think twice so you will surely enjoy these list. Have fun browsing through this collection and laugh your heart out!!!

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america  print ads

fat david

bosch ixo

hard working  cat

operation  running

stretched gum 3

cymbals alarm

viewing koala


bad breath 3

Why not

sound for  real

free your  sport

Wide lense

do not miss  it

ultra  motion capture

face detect

steady Shot

be careful

stable shot

three of a  kind vs pair of kings

for active  sleepers

ig delas: einstein

kiss my  glass

powerful  enough

arm leg

spare leg

wannabe owl

better gear

operation  trecking

wide lense

you  will not want to leave it

ready for the weekend with you

damage from tsunami

malta  lowenbrau

cinema gun

gold fish

the skull

play baseball

carrying sofa

famous  faces in the naked issue

play seesaw

sleeping  gorillas

more trees

ask for  direction

big fast

toilet roll

wake up

free your  sport

costume tiger

What do you think about these print ads? Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.

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