30 Really Cute Chibi Artworks


The Japanese word Chibi, means a short person or small child. It has gained currency amongst fans of manga and anime. Its meaning, however, is not used the same way as tiny, small, or little in Japanese but rather cute. One of the most popular names from the word Chibi that caught the attention of Western fans is Chibiusa, a pet name for the diminutive daughter of Sailor Moon formed from Chibi Usagi. The term chibi has mostly been conflated with the ‘super deformed’ style of drawing characters with oversized heads or it can be used to describe child versions of characters.

This 30 Chibi Artworks is a compilation of cute and cuddly artworks. See how the artists illustrates several chibi images that will surely knock your heart’s out and woo you hearts. Enjoy browsing through our collection and be amazed!!!

Chibi Artworks


Chibi Miku

chibi miku
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Avatar Chibi

avatar chibi
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Chibi Comission

chibi comission
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Another Gaara Chibi

gaara chibi
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Ichigo Vaizard Chibi

ichigo vaizard chibi
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Chibi Lightning

chibi lightning
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Riley Chibi

riley chibi
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Chibi Warlock

chibi warlock
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Chibi Halloween Douniang

chibi halloween
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Chibi Sukii

chibi sukii
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Chibi Lolita

chibi lolita
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Chibi Cheu Orange

chibi cheu orange
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Chibi Drocell

chibi drocell
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Chibi Zidane

chibi zidane
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Chibi Sura

chibi sura
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Chibi NarutoxTenten JuPMod

chibi narutoxtenten
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2D Chibi

2D chibi
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Chibi Valentine

chibi valentine
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RO Chibi Starlight

rO chibi starlight
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GS Sheba Chibi

gs sheba chibi
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Tsuna chibi

tsuna chibi
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Chibi Rodya kun

chibi rodya
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Chibi Insekt

chibi insekt
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Chibi Debbie ID

chibi debbie
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Chibi N

Chibi n
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Anbu Chibi Duo SasukeNaruto

chibi sasukenaruto
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Sephiroth Riding a Turtle

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APH Trade Chibi Egypt

chibi egypt
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Chibi Sora

chibi sora
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