30+ Free Mobile & Web Application Icons


Interested in Mobile and Web Application Development? If yes, well here’s the post for you! We have collected some cool icons for your current and future projects. The icons showcased here are specially designed for mobiles and web applications of all sorts. Nevertheless, you may also use the items other than web development.

Free Mobile and Web Application Icons has been showcased. You sure wouldn’t want to miss these amazing freebies. The icons presented here are all unique. So download the icon of your choice and get started with your project!!!

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Free Mobile & Web Application Icons

Mini Icons

mini icon
Download Source

Default Icons

application icon
Download Source

108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons

kmono application icon
Download Source


free mobile icon
Download Source

Mini Icons 2

mini free mobile icon
Download Source

NIXUS Icon Pack: 60 Beautiful Premium Icons

free application icon
Download Source

30 Free Vector Icons

vector mobile icon
Download Source

478 Free SVG Vector Icons – The “Seven” Icon Pack

vector free mobile icon
Download Source

Free web development icon set #1a

free web application icon

Icons Sweet

application free icon
Download Source


vaga mobile icon
Download Source

Tango Icon Library

icon mobile application
Download Source

The Android Developer Common Icon Set II

icon application
Download Source

Handset Icon

icon mobile free
Download Source

PIXELATED – a lightweight Icon Kit

icon application free

Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons for GUI Fesigners

icon free mobile
Download Source

WooFunction: 178 Amazing Web Design Icons

icon free application
Download Source

Basic Set 2

icon free mobile application
Download Source

Splashy Icons

icon free application mobile
Download Source


application free icon mobile
Download Source

Mobile Icon Set

mobile free icon application
Download Source

Basic set

multi-size application icon
Download Source

iPhone Toolbar Icon Set

iphone mobile icon free
Download Source


cool application icon free
Download Source

Silk Icons

silk icon
Download Source

Freebie: Massive Web UI & Button Set

button icon free

Free Web Development Icons #2

application icon mobile free

Icons for iPhone & iPad Apps

slick icon mobile
Download Source

Vector Gestural Icons for the Multi-Touch World

vector gestural icon
Download Source

Icons: Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

iphone toolbar icon
Download Source

LED Icon Set

led icon free
Download Source

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