When you are so focused with work and you are so serious about having great outputs, you may tend to become a workaholic. There is nothing wrong with being focused in work but if you spend too much time for it, it is a different story. This can even result into risking your own health for you have no more time to take care of yourself. Worse, you will get sick and would no longer be capable of working for long hours, the way you used to. For sure, you do not want to get sick which will keep you from work. The only key is to stay healthy.

Yes, everyone has the right to be healthy. Especially workaholic people like you. You might have tons of projects to design and you only spend a few hours of sleep or you become a food-skipper. You have to be careful. No one can take care of your health but you. So, even if you are so much engaged in work, you still need to stay healthy. Here are health and wellness tips for workaholic graphic designers to help you stay healthy.

1. Work to live.

Work to live

Of course, the reason why you are working is to have a good and comfortable life. You do not work in order to die! But also remember that you were not given life just to work all the time. There are so many great things in life that you will miss if you will keep on working. Work is just one of the activities that are important in order to survive but it is not the only thing. Work is not your life for there is more to life than work.

2. Get a better sleep.

Get a better sleep
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The right sleep requirement is eight hours a day. You will know that you lack enough sleep if you find yourself nodding off at your workplace or you easily lose focus. You also tend to be dreaming and you cannot easily understand things especially if it is new to you. This results into being less productive. So, it is really worth it to have a good sleep because when you had a good sleep, you will have better outputs and you will certainly be more efficient and productive.

3. Get healthy food and drinks.

Get healthy food and drinks
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The bad habit of most workaholics is skipping meals. Others who do not skip meals would prefer fast foods which is often times bad for the health and would not give the proper nutrition your body needs. If you really need to work even late at night, you need to eat high protein snacks while working to make sure you will have enough energy. Getting healthy food and drinks will make you smarter and you will be able to work longer. You will certainly be more productive.

4. Stay active.

Stay active
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When you are a designer, you work in front of the computer all the time. If you are employed, you will merely be sitting there most of the time. If you are freelancing, you will be doing the same thing. Your workplace would even be located in a secluded area, away from noise and disturbances. You will also be away from sunlight and fresh air. Well, it doesn’t mean that just because you are a designer, you will no longer be active. Go out every day and stretch your muscles even by merely walking to buy something.

5. Create a good schedule.

Create a good schedule
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Workaholics need a good schedule to make sure that all the important things will be done. You can do multitasking but not too much that it will cause you headaches and your outputs will no longer be good. When you create a schedule, list down your priorities first and that includes a little break, not just work all the time. By doing your priorities, you will be successful in your schedule.

6. Have time for exercise.

Have time for exercise
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Do not ever regard exercise as a waste of time. You can be innovative in order to have some exercise like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking if the distance is just near. Well, you will think that it is a waste of time but it can actually help your body a lot. This can give you more energy especially when you need to spend longer hours working.

7. Have a breath of fresh air.

Have a breath of fresh air
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You might not be fully aware but fresh air can do a lot of good things to your health and even to your mental state. This can help you become more creative and a high energy to work. So, do not be spending all your time indoors. Go out once in a while. Take a walk and look at the beauty of nature. Or you can choose a workspace that is located near the window, leave that open while you are working.

8. Have a quite time every day.

Have a quite time every day

All the activities of the day will be surely stressing and draining. Of course, you will certainly get tired. You can spend a few minutes to meditate. Even just ten minutes of quite time can give you peace of mind. You will also realize your self-worth which will encourage you take care of yourself. This way, you will be healthier and you will become a better person. You can have a quite time whenever you want to. Do it every day and you will feel fulfilled.

9. Socialize.

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Workaholics tend to be lonely because they spend all their time working and caged in their workplace. Get a social life. It can greatly help you to avoid stress and to divert some of your attention to happier things. Work is not the only important thing in life. Get into activities with your friends that you are interested in. You can travel, do some sports activities, have a night out and others. This can help you refresh.

10. Have quality time with family.

Have quality time with family
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If you think that spending time with your family is not that important, you are wrong. It can greatly affect you and your work performance. You will surely be happy and fuelled full if you spend quality time with the people you love. You can do this by having just an hour or two to talk and play with your kids every day. This way, you will also show them that they are important to you.

It’s Your Turn Now

Bear in mind that work is just one of the fruitful activities in life. It is not totally your life. Health is even more important than work. So, take good care of your health in order for you to continue working and living. Do you have other tips to share in order to stay healthy? What is it that you have in mind?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. thx Kareen.. like always its best…
    + its very important when we work on Office/ home-office, it must be comfortable and clean .

  2. Number 9 seems a bit impossible but helps to relax the mind a bit. 😀

  3. When you’re too busy, the 3rd tip seems to be impossible already but we hope to try. 😀

  4. Yes, work to live and not to die. How can we enjoy the fruits of our labor when by the time we have reached the realm of success we are almost worn out?

  5. Thanks everyone! We hope that this post made everyone realize the value of their health and of their lives. Work to live and not to die.

  6. Hmmmmm, exercise…. I’ve been neglecting this one lately…..
    Thanks for the reminder, Kareen

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