So, you are a graphic designer. You have designed many projects both for small and big businesses in your area. But have you tried reaching out to clients from other places? Have you tried venturing into freelance designing and working for a variety of clients? If not, it means that you are limiting your skills with print graphic design and you have missed lots of great opportunities from clients you can acquire online. It could also mean that you are not blogging.

Blogging might not even cross your mind but as a graphic designer, you can get so many benefits from blogging. Getting more clients is just one of the many advantages you can avail. At first, you might think that blogging is boring but in the long run, you’ll get to realize that it is not only giving you more earnings and helping you improve but is it also enjoyable. So, if you haven’t made up your mind to start blogging, let me show you ten reasons that might drag you into blogging or at least would make you consider blogging.

1. Share expertise to others.

Share expertise to others

Many people would greatly appreciate it if you share to them what you know. Well, doing this help build trust for clients, prospect clients and other designers as well. You can simply share what you are doing through to your blog. Of course, the things you will post depend on what you are comfortable of sharing. Also, share only those that are related to design. Do not post a menu of a certain dish that you have recently learned to cook. That would be off topic. People will find your blog interesting if you share valuable thoughts and tips for them.

2. Learn new things.

Learn new things

While your readers are learning new things from you, you are also learning from what you are doing. Know why? Because every time you blog, you would also do some research on it. This can also upgrade your knowledge and maybe remind you of some information that you have already forgotten. Researching cannot just help you learn but it can also help you come up with better articles that have quality contents.

3. Be updated with latest trends.

Be updated with latest trends

If you want to be updated, you have to be online most of the time. Having a blog can let you know what the latest trends are. As a designer, you have to be aware of the trends because clients want their design to be “in” and attractive to their target audience. Hence, you would always look for those trends while you are blogging. Include those trends in your blog to let the readers know what is new.

4. You can earn online visibility.

You can earn online visibility

Having online visibility gives you more chances of being known by people which also opens to possibilities of having more clients. This would be very important to promote your work. When you have online presence, people will not hesitate to hire you since they know that they can reach you easily. More people can also admire your work. Do you know what advantage it can give you? Your admirers and followers will share your works to others, thus increasing your audience.

5. Increase number of clients.

Increase number of clients

On the previous entry, it was already mentioned that blogging can help you get clients. These clients come from around the globe which means that you are also becoming famous. But, well, aside from being famous, you will surely succeed in your freelance design career. Your clients will see through your blog what you can do for them. If they can see that you can give them what they need, then they will contact you.

6. Let clients know more about you.

Let clients know more about you

Your blog is also a good way to introduce yourself to clients and to show them what you are capable of. You won’t have to do some self promotion anymore especially if that client has read most of your posts. A blog is like your representation in the online world. Well, it is actually you that is talking through your posts on your blog. Your manner of writing and presentation can perfectly mirror who you are.

7. Improved storytelling, writing and communication skills.

Improved storytelling, writing and communication skills

When we say blogging, it is actually storytelling. You can tell the story by using words, pictures, videos and others. The more you blog, the more your storytelling skills will be developed. Along with that, your communication skills will also be developed which is vital for a designer. You can also enhance your writing skills as you continue blogging.

8. Help you archive information.

Help you archive information

Another reason why blogging is good for designers is that it can help archive information. This means that whenever you need or you want to refer to a certain topic, you can easily review it since these are posted in your blog. You don’t have to go far to search for the information you need. It can also remind you of certain solutions, issues and others that you have already forgotten.

9. It helps you improve and earn more.

It helps you improve and earn more

As you blog, you are also improving yourself. You get to learn more things through the researches you do and also through the feedbacks and comments from your readers. If you look at it, there are really so much things to help you improve from your blog. You will also be able to develop new skills and enhance those which you think you are already good it. It can sharpen your knowledge in designing making your more competent in your career.

10. Build a network.

Build a network

A blog surely helps build a network. You get followers and you will also get to know fellow designers. You will be given the chance to know more people and be inspired of what they are doing. You can also help other designers in their blog by leaving helpful comments, sharing their posts and even doing a guest post. Better relationships can help you have a better career as a graphic designer.

It’s Your Turn Now

Blogging can be time consuming but it is worth it. You can see the benefits of blogging once you start. You will even be happy to have started doing it and you will also enjoy interacting with people who read your blog. See to it also that you have the right contents of your blog and that you stick to your niche. If you are just starting one, read our Tips to Create an Effective Graphic Design Blog. Do you have a blog? What were the benefits you get from having one?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. haha thanks for the post. I really hate writing so I avoided blogging but when I actually did one the other day I found it sort of enjoyable surprisingly.

    1. Blogging is fun Leroy! You will really find it enjoyable once you started doing it. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  2. Great post! As a graphic designer I never really thought it was necessary to blog. I barely even put up a description when I posted work lol. But I’ve recently started blogging and do find it beneficial.

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