Freelancers- both writers and designers- always need to have a vivid inspiration and should always be motivated to work. Doing that is another challenge but if we make it a habit to do things that we sometimes take for granted, getting inspired wouldn’t be hard for you. Remember that we greatly need to have our minds in good condition to stay active and fresh for a better output.

To help you keep that sense of inspiration, here are a few tips to make you inspired all the time.

1.Take care of your health.

take care of your health
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You wouldn’t want to spend days trying to get well from a sickness. So, you need to take care of your health so wouldn’t get sick. Remember that if you get sick , you wouldn’t be able to work for a couple of days. So, stay healthy and make your health a priority. Also, do not forget to get enough sleep and rest. Do not overwork yourself.

2.Eat healthy food.

eat healthy food

Choose the right food to eat for it affects the function of your brain. Have a healthy diet by having adequate intakes of carbohydrates, protein, fats and others. Do away with so much sugar intake and some unhealthy food for it makes us tired and drained easily.

3.Share ideas.

Share Ideas
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Sharing ideas with friends and other fellow designers will help you produce interesting new things for your work. If you are open to this, you could easily ask for their ideas and opinions for your projects whenever you need it. As you continue sharing, you are not only gaining more friends but you are also improving your works.

4.Have time with nature.

Have time with nature
Image: Konstantin Yolshin

Nature never fails to give inspiration to everyone. It always energize and refresh us all the time with its mere soothing breeze and verdant grasses. Leave the city life once in a while and spend time with nature. You’ll be amazed with the unique impact it will have in you.


down payment
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To help you revitalize yourself, go to the gym and do some exercise. It will help you have a good state of mind for bodily exercise releases chemicals and hormones that will make your body more dynamic. This will surely make you feel better and healthier.

6.Have some private time.

Following Trends
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Take a retreat from the hustles and bustles of your work by spending some time alone in a park or in any place where you could be alone. Turn off your cell phone and your laptop so that you’ll totally have a private time alone.

7.Explore new things.

explore new things
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Do not limit yourself for things that you already know and had been doing for a long time already. Try doing new things and this will help you realize that you are capable of doing other things, too. This will also help you realize your strength and weaknesses, making you a more confident individual.

8.Always bring a notebook.

always bring a notebook
Image: txkimmers

Good ideas won’t stick with you forever. So, bring a notebook and write these things down when it comes to your mind. Just keep this notebook and you’ll surely be able to use it later on.

9.Go out and have fun.

Go out and have fun
Image: ZusaLiko

Never squeeze everything from your mind by forcing yourself to think even when you are already tired. This will stress yourself and you wouldn’t have a good output. Go out of your house and your office. You may watch a movie or have coffee with friends or go shopping. Don’t imprison yourself in the four corners of your workspace.

10.Look for inspiration from other’s work.

inspiration from other’s work
Image: abowerwer2

Looking at the works of others may spur new ideas for your designs. But never plagiarize their works. Learn from the techniques that other designers used and make your own unique design.

11.Take a time off.

Take a time off

Some people wouldn’t like to take some time off thinking that they are merely wasting their time. But if you come to think of it, sitting in front of your computer for a long time is really straining. You really don’t have to take days off but you must take breaks in between works so you have time to relax your brain for a little while.



Take some time to rest and relax. Unwind from the tons of work you do everyday. Free your mind from the long list of tasks. Just breathe fresh air and take a couple of rest. Even people needs to be recharged once in a while.

13.Have your own work space.

work space
Image: CryRainDrops

It is always recommended to have your own work space even if it is only a small corner. That way, you could focus on your work and you’ll be free from distractions. You could also keep all the important files you have in just one place.

14. Have a vision board.

vision board
Image: CarloPDX

You may put convincing pictures, words or quotes in your workplace that would help motivate you in your designs. You may cut out some pictures that could be a source of inspiration for you. Things that you usually see are a good source of inspiration.

15.Mingle with like-minded people.

Mingle with like-minded people
Image: Photostock

Life is a learning process and we always get to learn a lot of things everyday. Joining an organization for designers will help you a lot to learn new things from them. You could attend workshops and seminars with these people and you’ll come to realize that you are becoming more creative with their inputs.

16. Visit museums and galleries.

 Visit museums and galleries
Image: VanS3n

Museums and galleries are good sources of inspiration. You can see great works and be inspired with the techniques that they use. Also, attend exhibits and other art related events that could help you keep that artistic juice flowing.

17.Read a lot.

 Read a lot
Image: alexey05

You’ll be richer in knowledge and creativity if you read a lot. There are thousands of things we can learn from reading. Expand and extend your horizon by reading.

18. Do not allow distractions.

  Do not allow distractions
Image: stars alive

Losing your focus is easy but you shouldn’t allow that. Do not entertain less important things like Twitter, Facebook or your emails. Commit yourself to your work so you wouldn’t loose that it’s easy to lose that inspiring aura you have while you started working.

19. Have a good laugh.

  Have a good laugh
Image: darrowassoc

Instead of always being serious in your work, go out with friends, watch a funny movie or do anything that could make you truly laugh. You’ll be more inspired, motivated and renewed merely by having a good laugh.

20. Take pictures.

  Take pictures

While you get closer to nature and while you spend some time out, take some pictures and make it a source of inspiration. The pictures your camera captures can give different messages and your interpretation can help you come up with something good.

Well, staying inspired isn’t that hard at all, right? Just bear in mind that everything you do may affect your work and since you always want to do a great job, then take some steps to prepare yourself for that. We hope you liked this article and some of you might want to add something to the list here. What do you do to stay inspired?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. I really have got to take care of my health related issues: sleep better, work-out, and eat healthy. It’s so hard to follow but work is much easier when your body feels fresh.

  2. very nice article, yes all of these tips are handy and applicable thanks for sharing

  3. I think its all about me, there is a lot of things which I’ve never used, especially no take care of ma health no healthy food, just took some ready made meals and no time for fun but seriously I’ve to follow these instructions for better health and better productivity, Thanks..

  4. These is a great list. I wish I had the time to take for relaxation, learning new things, etc… I guess that’s just one of the downfalls of being a designer. But I ALWAYS remember to take a notebook with me – it’s become such an important part of my life that I’m afraid of coming up with something brilliant when I forget it (ha!). And going out and seeing other artists’ work at galleries and shows is a big deal. My colleagues and I always make it a point to go out to local art events when we can, it really keeps the office creativity fresh. 🙂

  5. These are some great examples to follow!

  6. Great tips, but what’s up with all the stock photos? Seriously 🙂

  7. Another great tips ! truly inspiring .. will do those tip today.. Thanks a lot guys..

  8. Great tips,all these tips are applicable. By doing meditation and yoga (i prefer vipasana meditation) help u you to achieve more and become more creative (Sorry for bad English)

  9. Excellent, thanks. I especially liked the point about NOT forcing yourself to think when you are tired. I’ve fallen into this trap many times, and it’s almost always a mistake. Cheers!

  10. I’m glad you like the tips we have given you. Thanks a lot! 😀

  11. I reaaly like the above tips and
    now from todays follow these steps and i confident that it gives me lot of encouragement to do a better project

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