Brochures are one of the advertising or promotional materials that are used by companies and other businesses. But for this tool to be effective, it has to have a design that contains the charm that will catch the attention as well as the interest of its target audience. Additionally, it has to have the information that customers would want to know and they have to be positioned at the right place.

Tri-fold type brochures are popular designs used by many due to its effectiveness and practicality. It has a generous space to put the needed details and design, but still portable and easy to carry around.

For this post, we have compiled some of the best Tri-Fold Brochure Designs that will give you some ideas on how these designs are done. Allow yourself to take a look on the examples below and have your creativity expand and be inspired. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!

Square Colorful Blue Trifold
blue tri fold brochure
A blue-themed tri-fold brochure template with effective geometric details to up the design.

Education Institute Trifold Brochure
education tri fold brochure design
A tri-fold brochure design made for an educational institution.

Product Sale Square Trifold Brochure
product trifold brochure design
This brochure is for furniture products and has a clean design with diamond shapes used on product images.

Trifold Business Brochure
tri fold business brochure design
This is an example of a business-themed tri-fold brochure that has a clean and professional design with a good touch of blue.

Square Colorful Circles Pattern Trifold
geometric tri-fold brochure design
A square and tri-fold brochure design that features creative geometric patterns with playful color palettes.

Tri-fold Corporate Brochure
tri-fold corporate brochure
This is a green-themed tri-fold brochure design that is great for corporate companies.

Su Akademi
tri-fold brochure
Here is a nice example of tri-fold brochure design that incorporates fresh-looking pictures that adds to the overall result.

Square Trifold Brochure
square trifold brochure
This tri-fold brochure design plays a black and white color combination with photos of the subject.

Trifold Brochure
trifold brochure design
A great example of a clean, tri-fold brochure design for real estates ads.

GYM Tri- Fold Brochure
trifold brochure gym
This tri-fold is made and designed for gyms and fitness clubs.

Beyond Student Travel Trifold Brochure
travel tri-fold brochure design
A nicely designed tri-fold brochure that has a blue theme with photos smartly placed.

Pocket Guide Escola de Belas Artes
guide trifold brochure
This is a brochure design that only uses creative typography.

Square Tri Fold Business Brochure
clean corporate trifold brochure
A clean and professional tri-fold brochure design fit for corporations and companies.

Corporate Trifold Brochure
corporate trifold brochure
Here is another square-shaped and tri-fold brochure design that is best used on corporate companies.

Multi Use Business Square Trifold
multi purpose trifold brochure
A Smart,Clear and Clean Creative tri-fold brochure design for any purposes.

Real Estate Tri Fold Brochure
real estate trifold brochure
Here is another great example of a tri-fold brochure design for real estate.

Business & Corporate Trifold
business tri fold brochure
A modern and professional trifold brochure design for your corporate business.

IT Brochure
IT trifold brochure
This is a clean and clear design of a tri-fold brochure madefor IT company.

tri fold brochure
In this design, you’ll also see photos that are even made more distinct in black and white background.

Square Trifold Interior Brochure
interior trifold brochure
A great tri-fold brochure design for interior designing.

Trifold business Brochure
trifold business brochure
This is Trifold Clean, elegant, modern and professional corporate business brochure template.

advertising trifold brochure
This tri-fold brochure is designed with elements of comic books.

Dolemper Business Trifold
trifold business brochure
A professional tri-fold design of brochure that best suits businesses and corporations.

Kastaya Promotion
travel trifold brochure
This is a brochure design for tours and travels.

Trifold Brochure
itinerary trifold brochure
This trifold brochure design was made for a church worship centre.

tech tri fold brochure
This tri-fold brochure incorporates a techy feel.

Minimal Corporate Trifold Brochure
minimal tri-fold brochure
A minimal design of a business-type brochure with zigzag pattern for a plus-kick to the overall look.

Ireland Traveling Brochure
trifold traveling brochure
Another great example of a tri-fold type, traveling brochure design.

Vintage Trifold Brochure
vintage trifold brochure
An artistically designed tri-fold brochure that incorporates geometric shapes to give an additional charm on the design.

Square Green Real Estate Trifold
square trifold brochure
A green themed brochure design with square spaces smartly filled with photos for real estate.

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