Having your own blog and working on different design projects from clients are a good way to earn. But if you are eyeing for more earnings, you can also try other things and improve yourself as well. Bigger earnings come when you are able to give better outputs of high quality and if you have targeted people who will not just give you projects but bigger payments, too. There are really clients who are willing to pay you no matter how much your rate is as long as they get an exceptional result.

While you are still improving yourself, you can try doing other things to earn. This way, you will be practiced and your skills will be sharpened while you are earning at the same time. What are these ways to earn more? Today, we will be giving you some tips on how you can earn doubly fast as a freelancer. Look into the items below and earn more than what you earn to today if you try doing them: Here they are:

1. Explore job boards.

Explore job boards

This would be the first thing most freelancers do. There are so many job boards online. Look for jobs where you will qualify and apply for them. Do not be hesitant to apply since that would be the first step you need to do to get jobs. You will find this helpful especially if you are just new as a freelancer. You can also read How to Get Graphic Design Jobs so you can be guided on what you need to do to get jobs.

2. Ask for client referrals.

Ask for client referrals

When you have a successful project with a client, you can request for referrals. Your client will be happy to do that for you especially if he is highly pleased and satisfied with the result of your project. You can also have referral fees for clients who can give referrals for you. This way, they will be encouraged to give you referrals since they will be earning too.

3. Suggest additional projects to existing clients.

Suggest additional projects to existing clients

Do this in a subtle manner. Be sure that you do not sound like insisting a project to them. Merely suggest additional projects to the client and explain to them what benefits it can give them. Be able to convince your client through your good explanation.

4. Raise your rates.

Raise your rates

When you raise your rates, you would surely be earning more but you have to make sure that the service you are giving is worthy of the rate you have. See to it that your work quality is excellent and you deserve a high rate. You can also raise rates for some project that are more challenging.

5. Do more networking.

Do more networking

The more your network, the more people you will have in your circle and the more prospect clients you will acquire. This will give you more chances of getting clients since more people will be able to see your works. There is also a greater chance of referrals from people, even those whom you do not know. Having more clients will give you more source of income.

6. Go beyond designing.

Go beyond designing

There are some tasks and activities that you can do apart from designing. So, do not just stick to that. You can explore doing other things like creating tutorials, making an eBook and others. Doing things other than designing can give you more earnings. So, if you are bored, here are 10 Things You Can Do Beyond Designing. Look into our list so you will know what else you can do.

7. Sell stock photos.

Sell stock photos

If you are a freelance photographer or you are a designer who also takes photos, you can sell some of them. You can create your own site for this but it would also save you time if you just sell your photos to companies or websites who buy stock photos. That would surely be additional income for you.

8. Design themes, icons, vectors and others.

Design themes, icons, vectors and others

Another way to earn fast is to make themes, vectors, patterns, textures and other design resources. You will be able to sell these stuff and could give you passive source of income. You will be amazed on how these design resources can give you some earnings.

9. Write about design.

Write about design

Aside from blogging on your own website, you can also try writing for other blogs. You can write guest posts on other sites or you can also apply as a writer on a certain website in order to earn. You can write tutorials and design tips. This can also be a good way in promoting yourself and your own blog.

10. Target bigger markets.

Target bigger markets

Do not just stick on little business and individuals. Although, you should not take them for granted too. But if you already have enough experience on freelancing, you can try getting into bigger markets. Just make sure that you are already good enough to suit their taste and to satisfy big clients. Usually, big clients would be paying more but would also be requiring more from you. Work quality and exceptional customer service is very much needed.

It’s Your Turn Now

So, there you go. Those are ways in order for you to earn more and also get a passive income on some of the items like making design resources and others. It only shows that there are really so many ways in order to earn. What one needs are the guts, the skills and the diligence to wrap it all and have a healthy pocket. Can you tell us what you do in order to earn more?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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