Time and again we go through a hunt on great logo designs that we could feature and share with you guys. This is to help designers and non-designers alike to get some fresh inspirations that can surely help along the way as they go through their current or upcoming projects.

We’ll make sure it’ll keep on coming for your future references and needs.

For this post, we have collected some great examples of Keyhole Logo Designs. Scroll down and check them all out below and maybe acquire some new ideas and techniques that you can apply for your own logo design.

So come along, take a peek, and enjoy!

The Escape

escpae keyhole logo

Story Store

store keyhole logo

The Leader Within

leader keyhole logo

South Central Workforce Council

south central keyhole logo

Behind Closed Doors

doors keyhole-logo.jpg

Security Observer

security keyhole logo

Conjuring Cabinet

cabinet keyhole logo


keyhole art logo


antique keyhole logo

Upkeep Tower

upkeep keyhole logo

Designing Elegance

elegant keyhole logo

Kings Locksmiths

locksmith keyhole logo

The Secret Journals

secret keyhole logo


datainsure keyhole logo design

Keyhole Art

keyhole art logo design

Imperial Locksmith

locksmith keyhole logo

The Secret Garden

garden keyhole logo

Cover Fox

fox keyhole logo

My Secret

lingerie keyhole logo


locks keyhole logo


luckey keyhole logo


Sherlock keyhole logo


abode keyhole logo

Clever Key

clever keyhole logo

Hidden Garden

hidden keyhole logo

Key City Comedy

key city logo


keyhole logo design

Keyhole Garden

keyhole logo concept


guard keyhole logo


keyhole logo


door keyhole logo

Secure Halo v1

halo keyhole logo


keyhole logo design

Beth Edwards Media

media keyhole logo


keyhole minimalist logo

Mickey Javier

About the author: He is a registered Physical Therapist from the Philippines. He likes designing and photography that's why he takes photos during his wee hours. He's also into motorbikes and breeding Bullmastiffs and St. Bernards.