When trying to express the thought of your designs through words, the Fonts you choose becomes one of the most essential elements. There are just times when we want to express things freely and sometimes, it becomes a bit difficult to define it. It just have to be cool. That’s where the Funky Font Styles come in handy…

Now let the need cool down with these 30 Really Cool Funky Fonts to set your styles to the real nitty-gritty essence of what you’re trying to express… Click on and get funky!

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Tribal Funk

Going Tribal Funky Font

Buddha GraphixFunk

Going Tribal Funky Font

Seventy Flares

Flare Up Funky Font

Moulin Rouge

Dancing Funky Font

Maropawi Club

Getting it On Funky Font


So Cool Funky Font


Certainly Alright Funky Font


Alphabetizing Funky Font




Going Itchy Funky Font


Movie Like Funky Font


Simply Awesome Funky Font


Cool Funky Font


It's Really Funky Font

Funky Deco

It's Really Funky Font

Funky Stoneage

Stoney Funky Font

Pineapple Delight

Yummy Funky Font

Bellbottom Laser

Yummy Funky Font

Action Is

In Action Funky Font

Square Circle

Let it Go on Squares Funky Font

Monkey Chunks

Let it Go on Squares Funky Font

Happy Days

Happy Funky Font


Artistic Funky Font

Katy Berry

Really Katy Berry Looking Funky Font

Knuckle Down

Getting it Down Funky Font

Kingthings Slipperylip

Real Slippery Funky Font


Making it a Bit Elegant Funky Font


For The Night Funky Font

It’s indeed one good deal to express what you really think is best for your design especially when it has reached the utmost thought of it. Fonts make it better. Funky Fonts rock it! Have you recently updated your Fonts Collection?

Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


  1. More freebies! Thanks! I’ve chose Kingthings Slipperylip 😀

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