The essence of friendship gets right into thoughtfulness. That thoughtful gesture of sharing your thoughts to your friend, letting him/her know your gratitude or just simply making the friendship alive. In the modern world we are in today where the internet plays a big role already, it may seem awkward to still manually create art, particularly cards. Handmade cards have the personal touch, the creativity. But even when they are handmade, they don’t really have to have all those decorations and make it complicated instead of meaning art. Your artistic touch comes from within. Even when you’re just saying hello or letting your friend feel your gratitude, it has to come from the heart. The passion is there.

You might be one of those who’d still want to go beyond what the internet offers and still go about the traditional way. So here goes the 30 Thoughtful Collection of Friendship Cards to wake up that creativity in you and to let you know too that friends can be as sweet when inspiration calls in…

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Be Yourself Friendship Card
So! sweet friendship card
By: Nicky Hsu
Handmade cards bring a lot more inspiration especially when it is made with all thoughts of friendship.

Friendship Lightens Every Burden
In demand friendship card
By: kajsiabcreations
A card like this also enlightens the heart of a friend.

Best Friends Forever
Oh! so lovely friendship card
By: ankajou
The friendship card measures 100×150 mm.

Pink and Black Friendship
Artistic friendship card
By: michellecharity
The artist used flowers and stamps coming from Hero arts.

Good Friend
Uniquely made friendship card
By: KinderStampO
Hero Arts Stamps were used in making this friendship card.

Very inspiring friendship card
By: krikee stamping
Another friendship card with materials used from Hero arts. Distress Inks used were Spiced Marmalade and Tea Dye.

Hello Friend Card
 With love friendship card
By: SkyNacho
Materials used for this card are the long branch stamp which is the artist’s favorite part of the card. Paper is from Memory Box while the flowers are from petaloo.

Warmed By Your Friendship
Fabulous friendship card
By: anew19
Something that’s new, simple yet nice for a concept on a friendship card is already good.

Take Care My Friend
Amazingly designed friendship card
By: kiaraleestudio
The card’s color is inspired a color inspiration challenge.

Winter Season of Friendship
Simply awesome friendship card
By: anew19
Friendship cards are for all seasons. It warms the friendship on winter.

Friends Are Lifetime Treasures
A wonderful friendship card
By: kiaraleestudio
The embellishments on the card add elegance to it even when it’s just simple.

So! cool friendship card
By: mi kasa (Donna)
The artist aims to send such nice card to a friend who has been such a down to earth person.

Blue Flower Thanks Card
Magnificent friendship card
By: jujucreations
Expressing gratitude is also one way of keeping the friendship alive.

Friendship Card
Superb friendship card
By: o_shescrafty
There’s really beauty in simplicity. It’s the thought that needs to be stressed out.

Friendship Card
Very Nice friendship card
By: doodlecat2
There are several styles in friendship cards. You may make them in landscape or portrait style with all the doodling as you wish.

Friendship Mini Card
Very Nice friendship card
By: CrystalNale
These are mini cards put together. Size for a card doesn’t really matter. It’s how pretty you have made it to look and how thoughtful it is.

Frog Nice Day Card
Relaxing friendship card
By: CrystalNale
Make it look fun and preppy then it too gives delight.

Thanks a Ton
Pretty friendship card
By: CrystalNale
Saying Thanks already mean so much.

In Tradition friendship card
By: ScrapyCrafter
One way of treasuring a friend is by remembering them even just through simple yet creatively done cards such as this.

Simple Yet Attractive friendship card
By: sweethartdesigns
This is a set of friendship-themed cards you may choose from for an inspiration.

Lady Bug Friendship Card
Well-Expressed friendship card
By: Simone Naoum
There is really time in friendship especially when one has spent even just a couple of minutes sending one pretty card as this.

Treasure Friends
Well-Crafted friendship card
By: Simone Naoum
Friendship cards also serve as a memory of the friendship.

Friend Gatefold Card
Prettily Done friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
The friendship card has been created for Hero Arts’ Photo Card Challenge.

Smiling friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
This friendship card has been made for GCD Studios/Caardvarks Blog Hop.

Grateful for You
Just Pretty friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
Another card made for GCD Studios/Caardvarks Blog Hop.

You Brighten My Day
Decent friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
The friendship card has been made for Hero Arts’ Mail It Challenge.

Thanks For Lifting My Spirits
Very Inspiring friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
The card was made for Sketches 2 Challenge at Hero Arts.

You Inspire Me
Beaming friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
Another challenge for Hero Arts lead to the making of this card. This time, it was the Monochromatic Challenge.

Hi There!
Very Much Heartfelt friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
The stamps used in this card comes from Hero Arts CL140 Thinking of You.

Just Saying Hello
Endearing friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
The paper and embellishments used on this friendship card comes from Scrapbook Bakery.

Happy World Card Making Day
Lovely friendship card
By: Crafts by Dwita
The card has been made in celebration of the World Card Making Day.

Life is Sweeter
So Sweet friendship card
By: scrapperjjb
Such friendship card has been made to be featured on a particular blog.

Autumn Blossom 2
Dashing friendship card
By: Arty’G
Being thoughtful through cards is such a delight even during autumn.

Put no limit when friendship is felt dear. The creativity is just right inside your heart and let thoughtfulness make it sweeter. There may be cards online already but it just makes a thoughtful difference when you have done it yourself. Have you made your own card lately? Feel free to share it with us!

Jamae Corregidor

About the author: A teacher turned disc jockey turned online writer who has the love for teaching, music and the passion for writing since then.


  1. It’s still nice to make handicrafted cards. Still thoughtful.

  2. Wow, these are wonderful! Some great ideas started sparking inside my mind while looking at these.

  3. Friends Are Lifetime Treasures is cool. I wonder if i can make this into a card for my girl. 😀

  4. It’s funny why you still have to make one when there are already those a click away… but it’s more awesome to receive one that’s been handcrafted, isn’t it?

  5. This is something really inspiring! Thanks guys! Been stressed out lately and it feels good to see some inspiring posts… 🙂

  6. cards are really so good………………..i will also try to make same cards ………………thanks to you who shared your cards with us…………………..

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