In all types of work, one would always spend so much time for it. This is because of one’s desire to succeed in their own field. Same is true with freelance designers. Freelancing really requires much time especially when it is designing. Hence, one really looks for the right time to take the time off and reinvigorate. You cannot just spend all your time working for it would make you a workaholic and you will also risk your health if you work too much. You really need to rest sometimes. It won’t hurt if you chill a bit.

You might be thinking of going on vacation. Yet, you feel like it would cost too much if you would. So, you decided to stay in your place while taking a break. What would you do? There are a dozen of things that you can do while at home. You can also go out and have some fun. Here are some fun ideas to reinvigorate your freelance performance.

1. Create a schedule.

Create a schedule
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While you are taking time off from work, you can think of some things that you want to do and list them down. Then create a schedule of your things to do. See to it that you could do everything that you want because you seldom take time to relax. When you are done making the schedule, stick to it. This way, you will be able to do all things that you want to do.

2. Take a long bath.

Take a long bath
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Oftentimes, you are in a hurry to take a bath because you still have lots of things to do. Why don’t you try to take a long and relaxing bath? You will surely feel a lot better afterwards. You can dip yourself in your bathtub and relax in a bubble bath. You can also shower longer than usual and feel the cold water in your skin.

3. Read a novel.

Read a novel
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Since you had been occupied with work, you no longer have time to read. Go to the bookstore to buy a book or you can also visit the library and borrow your favourite author’s book. This is a worthwhile way of taking time off.

4. Play video games.

Play video games
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Being busy all the time means you are cutting time from playing your favourite video game. This is the time where you can play all you want without feeling guilty that you have wasted your time. For sure you will have so much fun doing this. It can also test your logical thinking to strategically solve things.

5. Ride your bicycle.

Ride your bicycle
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Go out and ride your bicycle around your place or in the park. Aside from taking a break from work, you can also do some exercise. You will surely have fun doing this while looking at the good scenery around you.

6. Go to the spa.

Go to the spa
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Pamper yourself once in a while. Go to the spa and have a relaxing body scrub, massage, facial scrub, foot spa and others. This could make you feel more than just reinvigorated. You will also feel refreshed and relaxed.

7. Hang out with friends.

Hang out with friends
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You cannot spend a lot of time with friends all the time. So, when you have decided to unwind a bit, you can have time with them. Have lunch or coffee with your friends. You can talk about what had happened in your lives and reconnect with these people.

8. Try having a picnic.

Try having a picnic
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Go out with your family and friends in a picnic. Spending time with special people in a great ambience will surely be fulfilling on your part. It is good way to stay away from your workplace sometimes.

9. Do your favourite hobbies.

Do your favourite hobbies
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You can enjoy spending your time with a hobby. You can do gardening, carpentry, and others. You can also do some craft to show the other side of your creativity. This way, you can try another type of art while you are having fun.

10. Learn new things.

Learn new things
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You can make good use of your time-off by learning new things. You can do this by attending seminars or workshops. You can also read books, watch tutorials and do other stuff in order to learn. You will certainly be proud of yourself when you learn something new.

11. Engage in sports.

Engage in sports
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Stretch your muscles by doing some sports. This would be good for your body and you will also have much fun. Choose the kind of sports that you will enjoy. There are so many sports that you can choose from. Play with those that fit you and interest you most.

12. Paint and draw.

Paint and draw
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Go back to your first love. Before you did some design in the computer, you loved painting and drawing first. You had made your fist design on paper. So, why don’t you try doing it again? There is a different impact when you paint and draw for it gives a more personal look.

It’s Your Turn Now

Taking respite from work is beneficial you can hone your skills once again and discover some skills that were merely waiting to be discovered. Try suspending your freelancing work and look into the other side of things. Find time for recreation for it is important to have better work-life balance. Would you like to share to us some things that you want to do during your time-off from freelancing?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.