1. Make my Monday! Wonderful collection, rivalling Smashing Mag. I have to vote for “Colorful Accounting” as its awesomely disruptive to see such a logo with the usually grey flannel topic of accounting. Accountants, take note!

  2. Good short and sweet post. I think a lot of people out there need the pep talk you gave in your post. Keep up the good writing.

  3. Those are very attractive logos, but they feel almost “trendy”. I wonder if our perception of them in 40 years will still be the same? Something to think about.

  4. So good stuff, all logos are interesting to me in that moment! Thanks!

  5. What a list!
    What a delight!
    What a pleasure!
    A real demonstration how joyful and useful altruism can be

  6. good job..but i didint get wat i was looking for ,need an attractive logo for my new boutique which is going to be on floors shortly..thank you.

  7. Wow! Such an awesome creativity in this logo design work. I really love this colorful logos and i also get many ideas from it.

  8. Beautiful and inspiring logos! Thanks for sharing.

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